New Cities: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Prague, Warsaw, Copenhagen

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Taxi Fare Finder continues our  trip around the world by offering 6 additional cities in Europe.

New cities this week:
– Amsterdam, The Netherlands
– Barcelona, Spain
– Prague, Czech Republic
– Warsaw, Poland
– Copenhagen, Denmark
– Helsinki, Finland

New Cities: San Juan, Zurich, Auckland, Berlin, Dublin and Helsinki

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Taxi Fare Finder, your most trusted companion for your taxi fare needs, continues to expand its support for international cities

New cities this week:
– San Juan, Puerto Rico
– Zurich, Switzerland
– Auckland, New Zealand
– Berlin, Germany
– Dublin, Ireland
– Helsinki, Finland

Taxi Dispatching Inquiries from our Users

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Staff at TaxiFareFinder receives great number of comments, feedback, and questions from our users.  We love them, and thank you.  Keep them coming!

…but we dread one type of inquiries…  Many of our users seem to have the impression that TaxiFareFinder is a taxi company, with the power to dispatch taxicabs.  On a daily basis, we have people contacting us with detailed itineraries and trip requests.  (Some even try to negotiate the price with us.)

Yes, we appreciate all of our fans, but we are sorry!  We do not own any taxicabs, we cannot dispatch taxicabs, and we are not affiliated with specific taxi companies!!!

TFF Staff

New Cities: Asia – Tokyo, Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Singapore

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Today, we release our top requested Asian cities with our fare calculator.

New cities this week:
– Tokyo, Japan
– Beijing, China
– Hong Kong, China
– Shanghai, China
– Singapore

TFF Staff

New York Stings Taxi Drivers

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In September, New York set up stings on taxi drivers, to enforce taxi drivers who refuse rides to the outer boroughs (from Manhattan).   Out of 1330 sting operations, 361 of them were found to be violating the rule.

For those of you who are not familiar with New York taxis, this has been one of the key complaints from taxi riders, next to credit card machines being broken.  Taxi drivers often prefer to not travel out to the boroughs, because they have to spend time and pay for fuel on the trip back.

There have always been sting operations to keep taxi drivers honest, but apparently, this offense, in the past, was only found about 4% of the time.  In this new effort, it was found in staggering 27% of the time!  Key difference in the number is attributed to the fact that New York hired “students” to perform the sting operations.

So why the staggering difference?  In the news, we are led to believe it is due to the agents being “students”.    However, is it simply because the riders were “students”?  What characteristics about these students caused such dramatic effect on the taxi drivers to deny service more often than they would “normal agents.”  Younger people?  Rowdier crowd?  Time of the day they attempted to take taxis?

…and who are the “regular” agents if not students?  Is using students the better representation of the violations occurring on the streets?  …or was this a test to see how often students are being discriminated against?

College Kids Catch Hundreds Of Fare-Refusing Cabbies

New York hires students to sting cabbies for refusing fares

New Cities: India – Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad

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Hi, everyone,
We have introduced four Indian cities this week to our calculator.

New cities this week:
– Mumbai, India
– New Delhi, India
– Bangalore, India
– Hyderabad, India

Enjoy, and, as always, let us know if you have any questions or comments.

TFF Staff

FREE TFF Stickers! Thank you Taxi Drivers!!

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Are you a cabbie?  Are you fighting exorbitant gas prices?

Gasoline prices continue to remain high despite flat taxi rates.   TaxiFareFinder feels your pain…and we are here to help!  We are giving away FREE stickers for our taxi driving fans.

These special stickers are 2” x  5” and are meant to be placed inside the cabin facing your customers.  You can request a few for yourself, or if you are a company with a fleet of multiple, let us know.

Those of you who are new, TFF has always treasured the support from taxi drivers.  As a way of showing our appreciation, we have decided (back in 2008) to include 15% tip in our estimates.   This was a way to educate our users that tip is customary in certain cities/countries.

Anyways, we are looking forward to your feedback and sticker requests!

Click here to request your stickers!

TFF Staff