How to Spot a Drunk Driver and What to Do

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Hey, it’s Saturday night; you are being smart and taking a cab.  While riding, if you see a schmuck endangering you and others, don’t you want to do something about it?  Whether you are a driver or a customer, protect yourself and others by following the guideline below.  (Provided by MADD.)

How to identify a drunk driver:

  1. Quick acceleration or deceleration
  2. Tailgating
  3. Weaving or zig-zagging across the road
  4. Driving anywhere other than on a road designated for vehicles
  5. Almost striking an object, curb, or vehicle
  6. Stopping without cause or erratic braking
  7. Drifting in and out of traffic lanes
  8. Signaling that is inconsistent with driving actions
  9. Slow response to traffic signals (e.g. sudden stop or delayed start)
  10. Straddling the center lane marker
  11. Driving with headlights off at night
  12. Swerving
  13. Driving slower than 10 mph below the speed limit
  14. Turning abruptly or illegally
  15. Driving into opposing traffic on the wrong side of the road

What to do when you see a drunk driver:

First, stay as far away from the other vehicle as possible.
Second, do not try to pass the vehicle or signal the driver to pull over.  Doing so could result in a collision.
Third, take notice of the license plate number of the driver along with details of the vehicle including make, model and color. However, make sure you don’t compromise your own safety trying to obtain this information.
Finally, pull over and call 911.  Give the exact location of the vehicle, including the name of the road or cross streets and the direction the vehicle is traveling. Give a complete description of the vehicle and the manner in which the vehicle is being driven.

Then leave the rest up to the heroes that work hard to make our roads safe.

Chicago Taxi Reform Next? Drastic Changes Eminent!

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This month, Washington DC proposed a taxi reform, and Chicago seems to be next.  Over the last several years, the complaints regarding quality of taxi service has been on the rise, and many groups have spoken out regarding the need for an overhaul.

For the drivers, the taxi rates have been an increasing concern, as the rates have lagged behind other major US cities at $1.80/mile.  (Compared against San Francisco $2.75, Los Angeles $2.70, and Boston $2.80. Chicago has been ranked 25th to 27th on TaxiFareFinder’s National Taxi Rates Ranking. )

Below are some articles to get you up to speed.

Chicago Tribune: Emanuel targets dangerous cabbies

Chicago Tribune: Taxi reforms in Chicago, following a series of Chicago Tribune taxi stories

Mayor: Recent response from the Chicago Mayor’s Office

Taxi Driver: A Taxi Driver Speaks Up – Blogger at

Washington DC Taxi – Drastic Changes Ahead

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The District of Columbia Taxi-Cab Commission has announced a new fare structure for Washington DC. The initial charge (i.e. flag drop) will remain at the current $3.00; however the per-mile rate is being adjusted from $1.50 per mil to $2.16 a mile. (44% increase) The wait time rate is also being adjusted from $15 to $25 per hour. (66% increase) To offset the increase, many surcharges such as for luggage and additional passengers have been removed.

One may assume this would be welcomed by the taxi companies and drivers. The previous rates, set after moving from a zone-based pricing to a meter-based pricing (in 2008), were criticized to have been set too low, causing taxi drivers to take significant hit in their incomes. DC was previously ranked 29th on TaxiFareFinder’s taxi rate ranking. The new rates? It should bring Washington DC from the current 29th place to…top 10.

Apparently, however, the newly announced reform and rates did not live up to the expectation, as it is getting mixed responses.  Some argue that they are low compared to other major US cities such as San Francisco ($2.75/mile) and Boston ($2.80/mile). Others heavily criticize the new regulations to make DC cabs more “modern”, such as:

  • New restrictions on the status of the vehicle, such as age, condition, etc.
  • Enactment of “medallion like system”, where the number of taxi licenses will be limited and controlled by the Commission
  • New requirements on digital recording of trips, credit card equipment, GPS, etc.
  • (more details)

What do you guys think? With current issues with Uber taxi and Metro (DC subway) fare hike, Washington DC seems to be a happening place among the transportation-conscious.


TaxiFareFinder Against Drunk Driving

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Don’t drink and drive.  A designated driver is only a phone call away.

As many of you know, one of primary missions of TaxiFareFinder is to make people familiar and comfortable taking taxis.  Taking taxis should not be a foreign or scary concept.

This is very important because taking taxis can save lives.

Here at TaxiFarefinder, we support campaigns and efforts to eliminate drunk driving.  We work to raise awareness of the devastating causes of drunk driving, support those who’ve been affected by drunk driving and encourage people to make the right decisions when under the influence.

Remember.  A designated driver is only a phone call away.  Call a Taxi!

New features: Traffic effects, share/permalink, & cleaner display

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Hi, everyone, we have released additional enhancements to our site at

1) Traffic estimator – One of the factors that affects a taxi fare is the traffic conditions.  TFF now estimates and displays different fares taking traffic into account.  Simply enter your trip information (like you have in the past), and take a look at the left hand column.

2) New share/permalink buttons – When you want to share your results with friends, please try using the “Share” and “Permalink” buttons.  They are right below fare estimates.

3) Cleaner more organized designs – As TFF handles more information, there is more to display!  Therefore, we re-organized the results page.  Please take a look.