How to Tip Your Taxi Driver

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Traveling locally or abroad, people ask the same question every day, how much do I tip the cab driver? The first piece to this answer is simple: figure out the total cost before tip by using TaxiFareFinder.  After you know your fare you can figure out the tip amount based on the proper tip percentage.

In the United States, tipping a cab driver is common just about everywhere. The standard rate in big cities like Boston, New York to Los Angeles is between 10-15%. For example, a trip from the O’Hare International Airport to the University of Chicago with an initial fare at $3.25, would total around $33.84 before tip. Following the standard rate, the final (estimated) total comes to about $39 after including the 15% tip.

There is a great article from Wall Street Journal called Tips for the Terrifying by Anne Kadet.  In this article Kadet speaks of the rising trend in tipping.  “Here in New York, tips average 18% to 19% on credit-card payments, which ranks us among the most generous tippers in the nation.”

Side story: To everyone’s surprise, the default tipping options on NY credit card machines are currently set at 20, 25, and 30%.  These defaults can be overridden by the passengers, but it is debated by many as to why it was set the way it was. Kadet in her article writes candidly, “Yes, offering a 20%, 25% or 30% option is like asking whether the service was awesome, super-awesome, or super-fantastic-platinum-with-kittens-awesome.”

Though it’s safe to say this is standard practice in the States- there are no rules. You can increase or decrease the amount based on the experience. Before deciding the amount, we suggest you consider these specific signs of exceptional service:

  • Local Knowledge: A great cab driver will know exactly where he’s going without your help with directions. Should you be in search of something to do, he should easily be able to provide you with a few top attractions in the area.
  • Speed of Service: Traffic is one thing, but does your cab driver know alternate routes?  Was your time in the cab reduced thanks to the driver’s record time, or efficient route selection? Reward them for this!
  • Demeanor: One way to know if you’re riding with a tip-worthy driver is in the way they interact with you. Every now and then you’ll run into those who stay on their cell phone, don’t seem very friendly or interested in chatting- you aren’t obligated to pay extra for that.  Most of the time you’ll encounter smiling faces willing to hand you over advice and all the attention needed to make your ride pleasant.
  • Attention to details: Are you struggling with luggage and the cab driver is doing little or nothing to help? If they aren’t willing to assist you with basic effort, don’t feel obligated to pay extra. You want to reward those who go out of their way to make your trip as comfortable as possible, with insider-info about the city you’re in and thoughtful gestures to feel more at ease.

For a lot of people, tipping cab drivers in the US is considered a controversial issue. Many don’t believe it’s necessary to ‘pay someone extra to do something they could do themselves’… But those of us at TaxiFareFinder, however, all agree there’s nothing wrong adding a little more to the total after you’ve been transported safely!

Here’s a piece of information that may give you a new perspective.   According to Kadet, a large portion of the taxi driver’s income comes from tips from passengers.  NYC cabbies, after considering for expenses, “make about 25% of their income (about $30 a day) from tips.”  Does this change your view on how much to tip?

When you start traveling overseas, customs transform and in some cases a simple gesture of gratitude could actually be insulting. For example, the Japanese are uncomfortable accepting tips and are more likely to be confused or offended. Australia, South Korea, Argentina, and Brazil are other countries that do not consider tipping a common practice. Turkish cab drivers do not expect to be tipped, but the cab fare will usually be rounded up. In India, tipping is traditionally not an obligation but it is becoming a more widespread practice now more than ever.  Economic factors in New Zealand, such as the high income tax, highly discourage society from offering gratuity for such services.

In Europe, tipping in general is less common than in the United States.  One reason may be due to the service industry workers being paid a salary and depend less on tips. People often tip 1~2 Euros (rather than a percentage of total) more as a compliment for good service than a necessity that is expected.

There’s nothing wrong with privately critiquing your experiences in a taxi and basing the amount you tip off of that. You trust the driver with your life and your money- so it’s not unreasonable to have fair expectations. If you’re leaving the country, do your research before you consider tipping the driver- you wouldn’t want to create an awkward situation! And finally if you are interested in comparing all our your rideshare and taxi options and estimated prices before you ride check out our RideGuru Comparison Calculator.


Kendall Ditommaso is an intern at TaxiFareFinder

Taxi Calculator for Venues & Events – Custom URL

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Did you know your venue or event can have its own TaxiFareFinder?  You can have the address be pre-populated to help your visitors take taxis to and from your venue.


Here’s an example of syntax:
http://www.main.php?city=Chicago?from=<address here>
http://www.main.php?city=Chicago?to=<address here>


Your venue or location can be programmed into the <address here> part of the URL, which makes it easy for visitors to identify your location in the URL and discover a way to get there by following the link!

Hotel? Restaurant? Church? Convention Center?  This is a great way to provide taxi directions for your visitors. Try it today!

TaxiFareFinder Team

Taxis as Couriers – Have a Cab Deliver your Important Packages

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Have you ever been stuck in the office and need a document delivered ASAP?  Call a taxi. Have you ever needed to get a package to a friend across town but did not have the time or a car? Call a taxi. Have you ever needed an important package delivered on a national holiday but delivery services were closed? Call a taxi. Did you know that you can hire a taxi to deliver an important package across town, or even across the state?  Continue to read the article below to find out more about these services!


 Check these taxi companies that offer courier services:

ASAP Taxi:
Checker Transportation Group:
Green Cab:
Yellow Cab:

The logistics services offered by international giants such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL are known and utilized often by businesses and individuals alike.  However, it is often overlooked or even unknown that the common taxis seen around our cities are involved in the courier industry.  Many general taxi companies also offer package delivery services that can be utilized in the same way one would call to request a personal taxi ride.   Whether it is the delivery of a large package a few towns away or one envelope the next block over, taxis can prove to be an advantageous option for courier services.

The customer must call the taxi company to request or schedule a package pickup; this is often available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year with larger taxi companies.  Additionally, in some cases the request can be made via the company’s website.  After this, the package is picked up directly from the site requested and delivered straight to the desired recipient.  Specific instructions, directions, and requests can accompany the package, as the sender is able to communicate directly with the taxi driver: the deliverer.

The cost of a courier service like this is determined differently than the average delivery service.  Since it is such a customized business transaction, various factors are taken into account, depending on the situation.  The price determinants generally involve: a mileage rate, time required, staff required, and vehicle required.  This being said, there are a number of different options offered from taxi companies to fully meet the requests of the customers.

The first option involves package type and size.  The object being delivered can vary from an envelope to a mattress.  Therefore, a different vehicle as well as additional staff would be required for larger heavier packages, thus increasing the price, whereas the delivery of an envelope/standard package would require no additional accommodations.  If the package must be transported a substantial distance, time required might be taken into account when calculating the final price.  However, most often, the price is determined using a set per mile rate.

Taxi courier services have some key benefits that differentiate them from traditional delivery service competitors.  The availability of taxis provides a great advantage for those customers who require fast delivery services at odd hours or on holidays.  As mentioned earlier, many large taxi companies offer services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year mainly because people depend on taxis for transportation and companies cannot simply shut down as other businesses are able to.  Even large competitors like FedEx are closed and not delivering on certain holidays.

The personal aspect of taxis as couriers is appealing to consumers.  As a customer, one gets to directly interact with the deliverer: providing specific instructions and ensuring peace of mind.   This is ideal for an emergency or rush situation, where it is essential for the delivery process to be fast and flawless.  Also, the total convenience of this process is notable: the package goes directly from sender to recipient, with one middle man.  Bulky and awkward packages are accepted, time is taken into consideration, and payment is sorted out immediately; all together facilitating the delivery process as much as possible.

It must be noted, on the other hand, that the price of delivering packages using a taxi will be more expensive compared to the traditional, well-known delivery services like UPS and FedEx.  This is the main disadvantage for taxi couriers, but customers utilizing this service generally are centered on a speedy delivery and convenience, not price.

The courier services provided by common taxis are often unknown and under-utilized by consumers.  The availability, convenience, and level of intimacy throughout the business transaction can be truly beneficial to those consumers who require fast and efficient deliveries, whether for business or personal purposes.  The usefulness of taxis cannot be overlooked.

FREE TaxiFareFinder Stickers for Cab Drivers!

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