Tales From Transportation: Stories That Scream

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It’s that time of year – the one where kids sport costumes to gorge on candy, and adults hit the streets for some spooky libations. We all get into the spirit of Halloween in our own ways, whether it be giving out treats, dancing the Monster Mash or winning that office costume contest.

Here at TaxiFareFinder, we love a good scary tale. We like them even more when it’s something freaky about trains, planes, automobiles – and taxis of course. Here’s some of the strangest things we’ve heard about to make your Halloween stories all the more wonderful and weird.

Boston’s Creepy Green Line

As the oldest subway system in the U.S., the Boston MBTA is full of ghastly tragedies and unexplained phenomenon. One of the most famous stories occurred when tunneling for the Green line. Hundreds of bodies were discovered underground, most of them de-limbed soldiers form the Revolutionary War. Once the subway line was completed, passengers would often say screams and shotgun noises could be heard echoing through the tunnels. Once in a while near Boylston and Arlington streets, the tram will screech to a stop, plunging passengers into darkness and confusion for no logical reason. Conductors are left scratching their heads, as they haven’t gone near the switches themselves.

A Tube Station to Avoid in London

This subway system is way older than Boston, so it boasts even more poltergeists and creeps. Although many people claim there are several haunted stations, Bank Station takes the cake. As the story goes, there was a nun named Sarah Whitehead who lived in the 1800s. When her brother Phillip was executed in 1811, she mourned his loss in black while visiting the bank every day for decades. People claim to have seen the “Black Nun’ to this day roaming the tracks.

Planes Causing Panic

Planes don’t often boast the historical staying power of haunted transportation. But once in a while, there seems to be some truly scary stuff reported on certain flights that give off bad vibes. One time a staff member who worked at the Copenhagen Airport shared stories of Sterling Airlines haunted Boeing 747. Known as “The Yellow one”, this odd plane is said to have random thumps on the roof when being cleaned at night. A woman once passed away on a flight years ago and some think she still haunts its cabin. Passengers also seem to dread some flights and have the hair rise on the back of their neck before boarding – without even knowing the plane’s creepy history.

The Haunted Taxi of New Orleans

It seems most ghostly apparitions happen in abandoned buildings and stations, but spirits with unfinished business know no boundaries when it comes to haunting. In New Orleans, one of the U.S.’s spookiest cities, there is a old story about a taxi that picks up passengers, but they never reach their destination. On the corner of Exchange Alley and Decatur Street, some visitors have reported seeing an older looking cab with a green, glowing ‘taxi’ sign lit on top. It strangely idles away from the regular cars. The driver is never seen clearly and appears more as a dark shadow in the night. Have these reports become just tall tales? Or is there a hint of unnatural truth to the whispered rumors?

However you get around this Halloween, stay safe and avoid the spooks!

Big News: 1,000 Cities Strong!

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Hey TaxiFareFinder fans! We are proud to announce another big milestone.

We now support over 1,000 cities, counties, airports, and schools worldwide with our fare finding, super sleuth skills! Our recent update includes many mid-sized cities including Palo Alto, CA, Myrtle Beach, SC, and Daytona Beach, FL. The TaxiFareFinder team wants to ensure our fantastic fans have access to taxi fare estimates anywhere in the globe; from big cities to small towns. In the future, we plan to continue our growth until we support all corners of the world!

Check out our GIANT list of supported cities below and let us know if your city is missing – we are expanding every day!



Uber vs Taxi: Price Comparison

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With many new transportation options becoming available in cities around the globe, determining the best option is becoming more of a challenge. Rideshare services, various types of livery services, and traditional taxis are all available to the city dweller. These transportation options can be overwhelming and hard to decipher especially when you are looking for the most cost effective way to travel. To make things easier, TaxiFareFinder has compiled the pricing data for three of the most popular transportation services: UberX, Uber Black, and traditional taxis.

  • UberX is a rideshare service where individual drivers use their own vehicles to pick-up riders on demand.
  • Uber Black is a more premium option, similar to a limousine service, where a private driver picks you up in a high-end vehicle.

Our infographic displays the typical price across UberX, Uber Black, and Taxis for a three-mile ride. The darker, solid part of each bar in the graph shows the range in price when traffic delays and other unexpected events are taken into account.

The data shows that UberX is traditionally cheaper than customary taxis, and Uber Black is generally the most expensive option for riders, depending on the city. Price trends show that ridesharing services are the least expensive, followed by taxi services, and limousine-like services rank as the most expensive.

Please keep in mind this infographic is a comparison on the price alone.  Before choosing a ride, consumers are encouraged to consider different factors and characteristics of each service.  For example, Uber Black provides you with high-quality comfortable rides, while Taxis provide you with a piece of mind of enforced safety regulations. Also please note that the ranges in the infographic do not take Uber surge pricing into consideration which could increase the Uber range significantly depending on time of day and day of the week.


Looking for a one-stop price-checker to better sort through your options?  Check out TaxiFareFinder’s RideGuru tool; a rideshare vs taxi comparison calculator that let’s you discover the least expensive transportation option in your city.

For a full list of rideshare (uber, lyft, etc) services and cities that we support click here.

Hailo Gives up on North America

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The tough competition between rideshare companies has finally caused one startup to quit the race.

Hailo, the three year old taxi-hailing start up from the U.K., has decided to leave the North American market only two years after the app was first introduced in New York City. According to Hailo the repeated costs of struggling to compete against big name companies, such as Uber and Lyft, caused the company to finally abandon the North American market. The aggressive pricing and marketing tactics seen by Uber, Lyft, and other various ride sharing services during the past year has made the “taxi start-up” industry a very hostile place to grow a business. Hailo now plans to solely concentrate on offering its services in other markets internationally, particularly in Asia and Europe. However, the company will still face stiff competition from rideshare companies elsewhere in the world.

To read more on why Hailo failed to compete in the United States and Canada visit fortune.com.


Animal Taxi Monday 10.13.14

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Who knew baby crocodiles started out so tiny!

Happy Animal Taxi Monday!

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Animal Taxi Monday 10.6.14

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“Get a move on dog, I don’t have all day!” #AnimalTaxiMonday

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