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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Baby with Toy Taxi

Taking Taxis with Infants, Toddlers & Young Children

With the holiday travel rush right around the corner, we thought it would be appropriate to revisit a popular question that we hear from Mom’s and Dad’s almost every day,…

We’re Tipping All Over the World

Deciding who to tip while traveling the globe can be dizzying. Without wanting to step on any cultural toes, it’s important to have a basic understand of tipping culture in…


Taxi Travel Highlight: Spain

I never did any research. This was a big mistake. It would have been nice to know Seville is Spain’s hottest city, as I showed up wearing a long sleeve…


Ask the People: More Crazy Taxi Stories

We had so much fun collecting wild and fascinating taxi travel stories form around the globe, we decided to do it again! Here is another round of tales from pro…

Traveling Females and Transportation Safety

It seems on every news station there are stories lately of women standing up for their rights. One of the biggest issues seems to be women concerned for their safety…


Animal Taxi Monday 11.10.14

“It may be a slow commute, but it beats having to fly.” #AnimalTaxiMonday Click here to view all of our Animal Taxi Monday pictures.

35 Thoughts when Getting into a Taxi

1. OK, taxi time. Where’s my friends? Head count, one two three four…well, we might need two cars with this crew. 2. Why does everyone else have their hands in…


Ask the People: What’s Your Most Memorable Taxi Story?

It is a huge thrill to step off a plane in a new destination, hop into a cab and start exploring fresh surroundings. Many times a taxi will bring us…

hipest animal taxi

Animal Taxi Monday 11.3.14

This has to be the hippest animal taxi we have ever seen! #animaltaximonday Click here to view all of our Animal Taxi Monday pictures.

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