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New to rideshares? Not sure how to sign up and call one? TaxiFareFinder created this helpful video to show you how to download the app, sign up, and start using rideshares like Uber and Lyft. Happy Traveling!

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Will Autonomous Cars Take Over Taxis?

Autonomous cars and the technology behind them seem to be all anyone can talk about recently. The world is curious about how these cars will work, how safe they will be, how expensive they will be, and if they will be able to fully drive without any human interaction. To some this may still seem like a far off discussion but according to a recent study completed by Boston Consulting Group, partially autonomous vehicles are already here and fully autonomous vehicles may be on the road by 2025!

Of course with all this news on autonomous vehicles, our TaxiFareFinder team can’t help but wonder how this will affect the taxi and rideshare industry. At the moment taxi drivers are focusing all their energy on getting rid of Uber and Uber drivers are focusing all their energy on converting taxi customers to Uber customers, but with the possibility that autonomous cars will be fully rolled out by 2025 maybe these drivers should worry a little bit more about self driving cars taking over their jobs.

According to BCG’s study, multiple communities around the world are already testing driver-less forms of taxis, “Wageningen University, in the Netherlands, plans to introduce a driverless taxi later this year. The vehicle, one of the first of its kind, will operate between two campus locations. Milton Keynes, a planned community in the UK, is developing self-driving “public transport pods” for rollout in 2017. Last year, Singapore conducted a two-month test of driverless vehicles, in which 500 people tried out self-driving buggies that plied the paths of the gardens in the city’s Jurong Lake district. Later this year, the city will begin testing AV jitneys that will convey people for short distances at low speeds in another part of town. The object of the test is to observe how AVs perform in real traffic conditions on public roads and how they interact with pedestrians and bicyclists at intersections.”

Do you think autonomous cars will really be rolled out by 2025? How long after will autonomous taxis be available? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

For more information and further insight on autonomous cars visit BCG Perspectives Study on Autonomous Cars.


Ridiculous Taxi Stories

Whether your cab driver drove through Manhattan like a speed demon or tried to humor you with knock knock jokes, we have all had at least one interesting taxi story for the books. Our team at TaxiFareFinder loves to hear funny, shocking, and just downright outrageous taxi stories! One of our favorite TaxiFareFinder pages is this one here where you can submit your own taxi stories and of course read about other crazy rides. Here are some of our favorites!


Cabbies know it best (Submitted by Kate)

Mine isn’t a complaint at all. I was pregnant and in labor. On the way to the hospital the cabbie kept telling me to breathe. He pretty much carried me into the hospital and offered to stay with me. The next day there were a dozen roses sent to my room. I never knew his name-he signed the card “Cabbie and family”


Estimated Fare: Turkey Sandwich (Submitted by Ari)

I was a 15 year old science nerd stranded in San Francisco with no street smarts, applying to an accelerated program at Stanford. I was all alone without money and I’d missed my bus to the airport, and was going to miss my flight home. I’d gotten a business card from this Arab cabbie who’d driven me from the airport a couple days before, and when I called him and explained my situation he remembered me, burned rubber out to the university, and blew through several red lights to get me to my plane. Stupid me, I hadn\’t even known to give him a tip the first time he’d driven me, but the second time I didn’t even have enough money for the whole fare. All I could do was offer to give him my lunch which was a turkey sandwich from Safeway, and he accepted. That guy really helped me. I still remember his name, thank you Haji.


Yes, you can (Submitted by Ange)

Can I tell a positive story? I took a cab to the commuter rail, and once I got on the train, I realized I had left my BlackBerry in the cab! After calling my phone a couple times, the driver heard it and answered, asking me where he could drop it off. Instead of stealing or ignoring it, he ended up returning it to the dorm for me! I wish I knew who he was and the cab company- a truly awesome cab driver right there.


What a coincidence?! (Submitted By: young and dumb)

I went to chicago with some friends for our senior spring break in high school, took the train from St. Louis to ChiTown. When we got there, we caught a cab to take us to our hotel. He took us to the wrong one, which we didn’t realize until we were inside. Came outside to catch another cab got the same driver again…oh to be 17 again.

Using Taxi Services for Corporate Transportation Needs

As your business grows, it can become quite difficult to manage all of the different aspects that come with owning a business. Some tasks that business owners often face are delegating tasks, making executive decisions, meeting with potential clients, attending business meetings and conventions, and more. With all of these tasks on your plate, who has time to worry about transportation? It is hard enough to manage your schedule, let alone how you are going to get from place to place. Luckily, there are steps that can be taken to ease your hectic workload. One of these steps is contracting with a taxi cab service for corporate transportation.

What is a Corporate Account?

A corporate account is a contract between your business and a taxi service. In many cases, a corporate account operates using a voucher program for different accounts. A voucher book is provided to collect information about the client’s name, phone number, pickup location, destination, and the department that should be charged. If someone who does not work with the company (such as a business client) needs to be picked up, you would also record the name of the person authorizing the trip. You can prearrange your pickup, so regardless of whether your employee needs a ride today or in the future, corporate accounts can get you where you need to go.

How Taxi Service Benefits You

When you choose to contract with a taxi service for your corporate transportation needs, you will find several key benefits. First, contracting with a taxi cab company for your needs ensures that you arrive to your destination on time. Whether you need a ride through rush hour traffic to make it to your airport departure on time or a ride to an important business dinner with potential clients, a reliable taxi cab can get you there as scheduled.

Choosing a taxi service for your business transportation needs also guarantees that you or your client will arrive at their destination in style. Professional cab services offer vehicles that are properly cleaned and maintained, some that do not even look like a taxi cab at all! This allows you to ride in comfort and style on the way to your business destination.

Finally, contracting with a taxi cab service for business transportation offers convenient payment options. In many cases, employees must present a business credit card to charge expenses to the company. When you choose a corporate account, however, you can pay for cab services when they are billed to you. This is a more convenient method of payment. It also allows your employees to avoid the hassle of carrying the proper amount of cash or waiting for a card transaction to be approved.

Airport Transportation

For some employees, business meetings, conferences, and seminars are part of their typical duties. These often require travel to different cities via airplane. A cab service can make this process easier by taking you to the airport on the day of your departure, or by picking you up once you have arrived at your final destination. If you know when your flight is ahead of time, call a few days in advance so you do not have to stress the day before your flight about booking a cab ride. You can also choose to contract with companies outside of the city your company is based in. If you are a frequent visitor to the Chicago area for business meetings, for example, you may find it beneficial to have a corporate account with a taxi service out there.

Client Transportation

When you choose to contract with a cab service for corporate transportation, you also have the advantage of easily setting up transportation for your clients. Have you ever had an important client come into town via airplane? You probably needed to arrange a ride, a hotel, and transportation to business dinners or events. In this instance, all of your client’s transportation needs can be met with a call to a single cab company. This is easy, convenient, and it allows you to provide great service to current or potential business clients.

Business Meetings

Another reason that you may choose to contract with a cab service is for transportation to business meetings. Key players in your company are constantly in meetings- whether they are meeting with board members, meeting to discuss business strategies, or meeting with potential clients. All of these meetings can add up to a hectic schedule- especially if meetings are on the same day. To avoid the struggle of hailing a cab to arrive at your meeting on time, schedule ahead with a cab service offering corporate transportation. Whether you are looking to contract in the area of your business, or in an area that you frequently visit, there are companies around the nation waiting to take on your corporate transportation.


About the Author

Jim Bennett has been with Blue Cab Co. a total of 37 years. As a third generation taxicab operator at Blue Cab in Forest Park, IL, he brings a lifetime of transportation experience to the company. Jim received his B.A. degree in Business Administration and Marketing from Carthage College in 1985. Jim has served as a board member for the industry’s largest trade organization, the Taxicab, Limousine and Paratransit Association (TLPA), in Rockville, MD. He is also a member of the Metropolitan Transportation Association.

5 Ways to Gain More Taxi Customers

Are you looking to grow your taxi company, increase revenue, and gain new and loyal customers? If so, then look no further, we have compiled a list of the top tips that will help you start or grow your taxi company.

1.      Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth is one of the biggest proponents of marketing that owners and managers tend to overlook. There is nothing greater (and more successful) than having a happy customer who recommends your company to all of their family, friends, and coworkers.  Taxi companies can really thrive on word of mouth marketing as they provide a service where safety is an issue, something most potential customers will ask their friends about before calling your company.

In order to make sure your taxi company is benefiting from positive word of mouth marketing I would strongly recommend spending a few days actually working in your business and not behind your desk. Spend a day answering the phones and driving the cabs, talk to the customers and get to know their thoughts and feelings on your company. Have they had any disputes recently or heard any negative feedback? Is there something more that your company can do to make them enjoy their ride? Customer feedback is very important in the taxi business and you will learn so much more about your company and what areas you can improve. Plus the customer will enjoy feeling as though their thoughts and ideas are being taken seriously!


2.      Referrals

Another strategy to garner great word of mouth marketing is referrals. This is one of the most powerful ways to get new customers. Most loyal customers will refer your taxi service to friends and family simply to be nice and show their appreciation. Plus most people love to brag and look smart in front of their friends when they find an awesome product or service. However, a great way to boost referrals from all your customers is to offer a type of reward system. You can give away virtually anything in return for referrals such as gift certificates for future taxi rides or fun prizes and useful items. You can even partner with businesses in your city and give out local gift cards for their shops or restaurants. Any type of reward will motivate your customers to tell their friends about your company and a customer that refers a lot of their friends is a great asset to your company.

If you do choose to ask your customers for referrals and don’t have the money to offer a reward program yet, try writing a thank you note to that customer so they feel welcomed! If you never acknowledge a customer’s referral the customer will most likely stop referring people to your business.


3.      Direct marketing

Direct marketing is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to market your taxi company. A simple way to directly market to your potential customers is through business cards. Place your business cards in populated areas where people might need to call for a taxi, such as, supermarkets, shopping malls, bars/restaurants, and hotels. You can also hand out your business cards to your customers at the end of each ride; most people who take taxis will need to be picked up again at the end of their stay. You could double your money per customer as most people will call you for their ride back home as long as their ride the first time was enjoyable.



4.      Online Advertising

While hanging fliers and garnering word of mouth advertising can be very effective, the online community has engulfed our society. Online advertising is a fairly simple concept, you want to find the websites that your potential customers will go to when looking for a cab. Then you want to make sure that your company and your dispatch number is listed on those websites to make it easy for potential customers to call your company for a ride. For example, offers a taxi listing service on each of our city calculator pages. If you list your company on your cities calculator page you know that every person who looks up a taxi fare estimate in your city will see your name and number to call. This way you are making sure you aren’t wasting your money advertising to people who will never visit or live in your city; you are able to get your name and number directly to your exact target market. Many companies will make the mistake of listing their number on a website that has a broad target market and they will waste a lot of money marketing to people who will never need their services.


5.      Website

Having an up to date and easily accessible website is very important for any taxi business that is trying to grow. You want to make sure all of your information is readily available for anyone who is searching online for a cab company in your area. It is also a good idea to make sure your website looks professional as an unprofessional or unorganized website can turn people away from using your business.

It is also a good idea to list any flat rates or special deals you offer to major airports or popular tourist destinations. Many people when searching for a cab are looking for the best deal to transportation hubs or points of interest. If they find a good deal right away they are less likely to keep searching for other companies.

Our Favorite Taxi Bloggers

We love to hear the voices, opinions, and stories of the champions of the roads, our taxis drivers who see and hear it all. They have the best stories and years of wisdom from their diverse experiences on the job. Below are a few of our favorite, most recent taxi blogs. They focus on different aspects of the profession as well as industry happenings. Take a read to understand a day in the life of a taxi driver: from the ridiculous to heartwarming to straight up unbelievable.

Cabs Are For Kissing –  Eugene Salomon, a talented writer and New York City cab driver since 1977, recounts his experiences and realizations while driving around the city that never sleeps. His blog is a breath of fresh air complete with run-ins with celebrities like Derek Jeter and Robin Williams to tales of hostile passengers who make the job so difficult. Salomon also authored the book Confessions Of A New York City Taxi Driver, which includes even more stories about the wide array of incredible and unbelievable passengers who flow in and out of his taxi.

Taxi Gourmet – The combination of delicious food and taxis may not be obvious at first, but Taxi Gourmet blogger Layne Mosler creates seamless unity. Mosler is a food enthusiast turned cab driver who travels to cities around the globe, hails a taxi, and asks the driver for a ride to their favorite restaurant. The Taxi Gourmet project has resulted in the discovery of amazing meals and restaurants that may have otherwise been overlooked. Several cities are featured on the blog, including Berlin, New York, Buenos Aires, and Rome, and in between these travels, Mosler has become a yellow cab driver herself. Her blog is certainly convincing of the belief that “no one knows a city better than a cabbie.”

Super Cabby – London cab drivers are known for their extensive knowledge of the city and ability to wow passengers with historical facts and figures. Super Cabby of London lives up to this expectation, mixing personal experiences with classic the London hack experience.  This blog even includes a podcast section, where individuals from the taxi, rideshare, or other related industries are interviewed and able to provide additional insight.

Taxi Tales– Taxi Tales, described as the tales of the life and times of a Northern U.K. taxi driver, includes a mixture of amusing and witty narratives of one driver while on the job. Bob Mullen chronicles his cabbie experiences and opinions, where he says “advice is given free with the cab ride whether you want it or not.” Readers are able to feel as though they are in the taxi, experiencing each ride through stories and pictures.

Real Seattle Taxi – Written by a thoughtful and opinionated cabbie in Seattle Washington, Real Seattle Taxi displays the thoughts of one driver on topics including the taxi industry, generous passengers and events in his home city.  This well-written blog provides not only insight into the life of a taxi driver, but a peek into the workings and struggles of the taxi industry.

London Cabbie – All In A Days Work is written by a seasoned London hack with over twenty-five years of experience.  This blog provides a very personal narrative of the life of a cab driver; his stories recounting the daily struggles, worries, and experiences make the reader feel as though they are having a conversation with an old friend.

Cab Chronicles – Charlottesville Taxi Blog, previously Cab Chronicles, is another refreshing blog with day-to-day stories and musings from one cab driver. After just a few posts, the reader is able to feel connected with the driver, sharing the emotions he experiences with each passenger and ride.

Collegiate Taxi Fare Calculators

As many of you know, one of the primary missions of TaxiFareFinder is to help the public feel familiar and comfortable with taking taxis. This mission is especially true when the hazards of drinking and driving come into play. According to a study completed by the University of Oregon, around 2,100,000 college students drive while intoxicated every year! Taking taxis should not be a foreign or scary concept and we want to encourage these students to call a taxi instead of driving after a night out.

As a result, TaxiFareFinder has created specific College Taxi Fare Calculators for colleges around the United States. With these calculators, students can estimate the cost of a taxi in their area and then easily hail a cab. For a full list of our currently supported College Calculators visit our Colleges Page and as always let us know if you would like your college supported!