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Monthly Archives: June 2015

How to Improve Your Uber Rating: For Passengers

The two-way rating system used by Uber where passengers and drivers are able to rate each other based on their ride experience has become the new norm for rideshare services….

Animal Taxi Monday 6.29.15

This might be the all time winner for the cutest animal taxi picture! ‪#‎AnimalTaxiMonday‬ Click here to view all of our Animal Taxi Monday pictures.

Boston, MA – Tips for Taking a Taxi

Hailing a Taxi Hailing a taxi in Boston is, generally speaking, fairly easy. Most of the time (in the more densely populated areas of the city) you will be able…

What The Uber?! Uber Rebels against Ban on Rideshares

While many cities are quickly adapting to Uber and its practices, some cities are still reluctant to allow Uber to operate. Back in December of 2014, Paris banned UberPOP from…

TaxiFareFinder’s Most Commonly Requested Estimates

It is fairly common knowledge that there are some days of the year where taxi rides are requested more often than others. For example on New Years Eve, taxi dispatchers…

Catch a Ride – Cost from Airports to City Centers

One of the first impressions of a new city is the taxi ride taken from the airport to the destination, generally to a hotel or event in a city. This…

Animal Taxi Monday 6.22.15

This could be dangerous…. Happy Animal Taxi Monday!  #AnimalTaxiMonday Click here to view all of our Animal Taxi Monday pictures.

Toronto, Canada – Tips on Taking a Taxi

Taking a Taxi in Toronto Toronto has a fairly large fleet of taxis, about 10,000, so catching a taxi within the city is relatively easy. To hail a taxi, simply…

What The Uber?! Uber decides to play God

Uber, the tech company valued at over 50 billion dollars, has shown the world that they are here to stay. Since Uber’s inception in 2009, this tech giant now operates…

Are you insured when you ride in an Uber or Lyft?

Am I insured when I take an Uber? This question seems to be popping up around the web recently and it’s important for riders to understand what they may and…

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