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Monthly Archives: July 2015


What The Uber?! Uber Tricks Riders with Phantom Cars

  If you are an avid Uber user, then you know the wonderful feeling you get when you turn on your app to hail a ride and notice a slew…

The Rideshare Guy

Just How Far Is Your Uber Driver Willing To Take You?

Most Uber passengers love the convenience and low cost of calling an Uber.  But many may be unfamiliar with a lot of the company’s policies.  Drivers on the other hand,…

puppy uber

Fun Ways to use Rideshares

Rideshare companies like Uber are commonly used as a convenient way for people to get from point A to point B, but as of recently, they are good for so…


Animal Taxi Monday 7.27.15

The frog would get to where he is going a lot faster if he wasn’t taking a “Snail Taxi”! ‪#‎AnimalTaxiMonday Click here to view all of our Animal Taxi Monday…

paris taxi

Paris, France – Tips on Taking a Taxi

Hailing a Taxi When hailing a taxi in Paris, France you will almost always want to go to a taxi stand or a major transportation hub. Many taxis in Paris…


What The Uber?! The Uber “De Blasio Mode”

It’s What The Uber Friday and we are excited to share this What The Uber moment with you! Since Uber’s inception in 2009, they have expanded to operate in over…


How to Boost Your Rating: Driver Edition

Uber and Lyft drivers – you all know how important your personal rating is for your continued career as a rideshare professional. A low driver rating, generally lower than 4-4.5…

uber sixth star

The Coveted Uber Sixth Star

Most people know about the popular ride share service, Uber, but what many users do not realize is that there is finally a way to reward your driver for going…


Animal Taxi Monday 7.20.15

This is SO cool!! ‪ ‪#‎AnimalTaxiMonday‬ Click here to view all of our Animal Taxi Monday pictures.


Los Angeles – Tips for Taking a Taxi

Hailing a Cab There are more than 2,300 taxis in the city of Los Angeles; however, this does not mean they are easy to hail! Most people in Los Angeles…

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