Animal Taxi Monday- Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween and Animal Taxi Monday!


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Self-Driving Taxis Report Accidents

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self-driving car crashSelf-driving taxis are said to be the way of the future, with major car companies and rideshare giants developing models that are expected to be on the road in 5 years. In fact, one rideshare giant said in the next 10 years, the majority of vehicles on the road will be driver-less.

This idea of autonomous vehicles has been largely controversial due to safety concerns, and many people are expressing that they would never be comfortable riding in a car without a driver. However, these companies are introducing driver-less models faster than anyone originally expected.

In Singapore, a company called nuTonomy released their first self-driving taxi, and within a few months of its debut, the company has reported an accident. The car crashed into a truck while attempting to switch lanes, however there were no injuries in the crash. Engineers are still determining the exact cause of the incident, but regardless of the cause, the accident has caused much conversation around the issue. Are driverless cars and taxis safe? Should the driverless vehicle save pedestrians or its riders if it has the choice? Should we put so much trust in technology?

Rideshare company Uber also announced that they would be releasing their very own autonomous vehicle operations within the next month. It will be interesting to see how Uber’s long awaited autonomous vehicle handles the pressure.

Accidents like these make consumers even more uncomfortable with the idea of self-driving vehicles, and adds to the skepticism that already exists. There are still many barriers that companies will have to overcome before a completely driver-less future becomes reality.  Buckle your seat belts though, because it is going to be a bumpy ride!


Animal Taxi Monday 10.24

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“Who you lookin’ at?!” #AnimalTaxiMonday

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Is Uber Riskier than Taxis?

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lost item in uber

If you need a ride to get somewhere, you may naturally reach for your phone and order an Uber or a Lyft. While there are many benefits of rideshare companies, there are also a few safety concerns regarding rideshare insurance and liability.

Rideshare drivers are exposed to insurance risks because their personal insurance could be dropped if they are using their car for profit by transporting others, and Uber or Lyft might not extend coverage to the driver in every circumstance.

If you are a rider, you could also be exposed to insurance risks because if your driver’s insurance company has dropped his policy and you are involved in a crash, you may not have any benefits to cover your medical expenses. Essentially, you are buying an unknown product because you don’t anything about your driver. There are some very tangible risks with rideshare companies as opposed to traditional taxi or livery services.

Ridesharing Exposes Riders to Insurance Risk

Before you call an Uber or a Lyft, you need to consider the risks that you face when you climb in that vehicle. Drivers for rideshare companies have variable coverage for personal injury protection. That means their personal auto insurance may not cover a crash that happens while they are acting as a rideshare driver. Uber coverage is only good while the driver is signed into the app. What happens if there is a problem and the driver’s cell phone dies or the driver is unable to connect to the Uber app?  Because their coverage is conditional, you can easily be on the hook for your medical bills in the event of an accident.

Ridesharing Exposes Drivers to Risks

There are many car insurance providers who can and will drop you for using your vehicle for commercial use. If you are using your car for rideshare, that qualifies as “commercial use.” If you are only driving part-time, buying commercial auto insurance may be too expensive for you, and without the proper coverage, you could be in big trouble if you are involved in an accident.

You may have to pay for your automotive repairs out of pocket and you could be liable for the medical bills and other expenses incurred by your passengers if they are injured in the crash. This is a risk that most people cannot afford to take.

Rideshare Companies Sell an Unknown Product

While you may think the product you’re using is simply transportation, there is a lot more involved when it comes to ridesharing companies. Unlike taxis and livery services, Rideshare companies are not regulated by the government. Companies like Uber and Lyft, provide background checks on their drivers but they aren’t that stringent. You are putting your life in the hands of your driver, so it is important to know the risks and take proper safety measures.

This article was written by Personal Injury Help, an organization dedicated to providing information about personal injury cases and the personal injury claims process. This article is intended for informational purposes and is not to be construed as legal advice or opinion.



Animal Taxi Monday 10.17

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Sleepy Mondays! #AnimalTaxiMonday


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Help Us to Keep Rideshares Transparent!

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With the release of our new site, RideGuru, the TaxiFareFinder/RideGuru team has become passionate about bringing transparency to the ridesharing community. Rideshares, such as Uber and Lyft, have their benefits but they also can be hampered by a lack of transparency.

Take a look at the video below to see how RideGuru is helping to bring insight into the ridesharing industry and let us know your thoughts below!

Top 5 Places to Take a Taxi This Fall

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Summer is over and it’s no longer perfect weather for the beach. Have no fear, there are still so many places to go this fall! No matter what city you live in, there is a place for you to take your taxi. So hop into Fall and enjoy the ride!


  1. Apple Picking: ‘Tis the season of fresh crisp apples! Even if you’re from the city, there is bound to be an apple orchard nearby, and a taxi can always take you there! Enjoy the fruit, and don’t forget to grab a cider donut on your way out!hot-air-balloon
  2. Hot Air Balloon Ride: Although this is not your every-day fall activity, riding in a hot air balloon ride is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you will want to try this fall. Make a day out of it and enjoy the beautiful view! tailgate
  3. Your local football game: Even if you’re not a sports fan, make sure to at least stop by your local football game and tailgate, if only for the food. This is a staple event of fall and a can’t-miss experience. potluck
  4. Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner: Come one, come all! A potluck dinner is an awesome event to have in the fall, so talk with your friends and plan a group gathering! And don’t worry about driving through the city with your mashed potatoes — grab a taxi for a no-worry drive!foliage2
  5. Foliage at the park: Last but not least, make sure you take some time to enjoy the changing scenery around you! Fall is everywhere, and it goes by quickly, so make sure you don’t miss it!

Wherever you go this fall, know that TaxiFareFinder is there as a resource.  Find your fare on our website and enjoy!

Animal Taxi Monday 10.3

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Getting ready to fly away for winter! #AnimalTaxiMonday


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