Guide to Off-Peak Travel Times that Can Save You Money

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visit colorado in the summer

Just like there is a baseball season, a basketball season, a football season, there is also a tourist season. People tend to travel during certain times of the year, which tend to be summer, holidays, and school breaks. These times of the year are peak season, and anything outside of these are off-peak season.

Some areas have peak seasons due to weather, festivals, and such, so if you’re going for those reasons, you will be traveling during peak season and paying the premium. You will also have a harder time finding accommodations, reservations, rentals, excursions, and more. Deciding to travel and take trips during off-peak times means there will be less people, you can save some money, and still enjoy a vacation.

Colorado is a go to during the winter for the snow and the winter sports like skiing and snowboarding. The state is far less touristy during the summer months but has just as much to offer. It’s not just Colorado either, tons of places are beautiful in the summer and fall months. Hot spots for winter travel are still beautiful and fun in the summer months. Summer prices are much lower and the crowds just don’t exist the way they do in the winter.

The same can be true for summer places. Provence is a hotspot in the summer because of the lavender fields and tropical weather, and it is equally stunning but far less crowded with a dusting of snow. Summer destinations have a ton to offer during the winter months.

People gravitate towards big attractions they have heard of, but the smaller ones can be just as beautiful and even more memorable. Small attractions have less crowds and a smaller price tag.

Rainy season and hurricane season are very slow times for many tourist destinations because people do not want their trip interrupted by rain, which is fair. However, rainy or monsoon season can be a stunning time to travel and prices are very low. The storms do not last long, so you can keep doing whatever it is you are doing after the storm has passed. Rainy seasons can also make some of these destinations better with the enhanced water flow for water sports or outdoor sightseeing like waterfall chasing.

Braving the heat in hot destinations is a good way to avoid crowds and cut costs. Dessert destinations are hot year round, but the summer months are extra brutal. If you like the heat or are an adventurer at heart, try visiting the dessert during these months to get the best deals and see a different side of the destination.

Peak season differs from destination to destination based on the people living there, the attractions, the location, and so much more. Look at where you want to go and figure out when everyone else wants to go there too. If your schedule is flexible enough, you can plan trips around off-peak times.

Smart Ways to be a More Flexible Traveler

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flexible travel

Traveling is a blast. It is a great way to see the world and get away from home for a little bit. Packing can also be expensive and stressful if you are not used to it. There are ways to minimize stress and keep costs down. Flexibility is the key to ensuring low stress levels and lower costs.

When people plan trips, they often choose the place and the dates they want to. There is nothing wrong with this. The problem is if your dates are set in stone, you will not get a great deal on flights. This means you have a cap on how much you can save. Airfare is one of the most expensive parts of traveling, and if you do not have the flexibility to travel according to cheap airfare, you will have a hard time saving money. Being flexible with your dates means you can save a significant amount of money. Having a date range is the best option. You can use flight comparison sites like Momondo or Google Flights to see what the best price options. 

Pack light. If you can fit all of your items into a personal bag and carry on, you can save some decent money by not checking a bag. This can be a little difficult, and not everyone wants to do it, but there is less to keep track of during your travels. Keeping the quantity of your luggage to a minimum also means you will avoid baggage charges in taxis and other transportation. These small price tags do add up. Packing can be hard because you never know exactly the weather or what you’ll need if certain things come up. Pack the essentials and don’t worry about the rest. People tend to overpack anyways, so save yourself the money.

Food is an expensive part of a trip because everyone has to eat. Traveling for the food is becoming a huge part of tourism, and there is nothing wrong with that. If you’re staying in a place with a kitchen, stop by a grocery store. Having just breakfast at your resting place everyday can save some serious money. If you were to have breakfast and lunch in instead of out the savings are enormous. You don’t have to eat in all the time, but even a few meals can make a huge difference.

Rideshares are a great way of getting around your destination without having to rent a car. There are often several options and companies offer different riding options. If you’re flexible with pick up locations and times to avoid surge pricing you can cut transportation costs significantly. Use RideGuru to figure out the best rideshare fare at your destination to help save money.

Flexibility is so important when traveling. Not only is it a good mindset to keep stress down and the little traveling inconveniences from getting to you, it also helps make the trip more affordable by leaning into the cheapest airfares and options.

How to Budget for Transportation Costs When Traveling in Europe

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Europe Train Travel

Europe is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. The continent is full of history, culture, language, food, and people. Millions of people live and work there, and millions visit every year to experience the beauty for themselves. All these people have to get around somehow. As technology progresses, the ways people commute and travel also change. Europe has a plethora of transportation options for people of all styles, itineraries, and budgets.

Taking a train through Europe is the defacto way of traveling around Europe. It is what people have done for quite some time now, and it is a great way to see the countryside and how each country and region differs from the others. Rail passes can be very pricey depending on the type you purchase, so it’s important to do a little research and see if it is better to buy individual tickets or buy a pass.

Flying has grown in popularity as a way to navigate Europe. There is a great deal of demand and competition, which keeps prices economical. Taking a plane is not just cost effective, it is also time efficient. Planes are one of the fastest forms of transportation in Europe, so you can save money and time by flying throughout the continent. Prices range drastically depending on city, time, and airline. Ryan Air is a budget airline with very low prices, while Emirates is one of the most luxurious and costly airlines. There’s an airline for every budget so it is important to compare costs before you book!

Rental cars are beginning to become more and more popular with tourists because they lend themselves to ease and convenience. Using a rental car means you have the flexibility to explore the countryside or go where your spirit leads you. Renting can be expensive depending on if you can drive manual, where you are renting, and where you will be going. There are some countries you are unable to drive in without a special license, so you’ll need to do a little research before jumping in and renting a car.

Waterways are an important part of Europe’s past and present. Ferries are not a well known means of transportation, but they are highly affordable and often the fastest way of getting from place to place.

Buses are also an overlooked mode of transportation. Megabus operates across the United Kingdom and in some areas of Europe. Megabus rides go as low as 1£, so it is an incredibly affordable way to travel large distances.

Taxis and rideshares are a great way of getting to and from short destinations but not ideal for longer distances. If you are looking to find and compare Taxi and rideshare prices, TaxiFareFinder and RideGuru’s fare comparison calculator are both great resources

Taxi Safety Tips 2019

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taxi safety tips 2019

1. Research typical price points

Having a good idea of what your taxi ride will cost and confirming with the driver before you enter the car can save you an unnecessary hassle at the end of your ride. Use TaxiFareFinder to get a price estimate or ask your hotel concierge. You can also ask locals online. on forums such as the one on RideGuru.

2. Never enter a taxi with multiple people already in it

When you hail or order a taxi, you and your group should be the only ones using the service. Never enter into a taxi that already has another rider in it. This is a popular way for criminals to overpower a rider.

3. Never take a taxi alone if you’re drunk

If you’ve had too much to drink, it may seem like the smart decision to get a cab and it is, but you should always try to ride home with a friend! Sadly, riders have been raped, beaten, robbed, and even killed after getting into a taxi drunk.

4. Look for a meter and a badge

All genuine licensed taxi vehicles are equipped with a meter (on the dashboard) and a badge, medallion, or identification card showing the drivers credentials and cab number. If you do not see either of these things do not get into the vehicle!

5. Sit in the backseat – not in the passenger seat

In the backseat, you’re less visible to the driver and puts your farther out of reach. The less accessible you are, the less likely you’ll be targeted.

6. Hide any expensive items

This may seem obvious but you should take care to hide all valuables, this includes mobile phones, watches, wallets, jewelry, cameras, etc! While you may think some of your possessions are of little value, in some nations these small items will make you a target. It is best to hide everything to stay out of trouble.

7. Know your taxi route

Just like you should have an idea of how much your taxi ride will cost, you should also have an approximate idea of the journey. Take note of key roads you should be traveling on, general directions, and how long the journey should take you. This will help you to stay aware if the driver starts to venture from your route.

8. Always check the door handles before your ride!

Always check that there is an interior door handle that works before you settle in for your ride. Some regions are notorious for kidnapping travelers this way. It is also important to make sure there is no child safety lock engaged!

9. Know the local currency

In some countries, the currency changes quite often and some drivers may try to return your change in discontinued or worthless bills. Know enough about the local currency to identify the bills and coins you should use for payment.

10. Know who to call in an emergency

If you’re in a foreign country, know the local equivalent of dialing 911 – this is always a good tip for traveling!

Do you feel safe taking an Uber?

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In a recent survey published on RideGuru, over 400 riders were questioned on their feelings regarding rideshares and safety.

From checking the child safety lock to verifying the license plate here is what riders do and do not do to ensure their safety.

Safety and Rideshares

Hailing a Taxi at Cleveland Airport 2019

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cleveland airport taxi

Cleveland Hopkins Airport is a major public transportation hub in Cleveland, Ohio. One of NASA’s major field centers, Glenn Research Center, is within close proximity. The Cleveland airport is only nine miles away from downtown Cleveland. The airport is on the rise and is the 43rd busiest airport in the United States. It was voted most improved airport in 2017 by Airport Service Quality Survey.

One of the fastest and easiest ways to get from the airport to your next destination are taxis. Cleveland Hopkins Airport has a dedicated taxi cab service to ensure quality, safety, comfort, and ease for people traveling to and from the airport. The taxis are white, and the service is run by Americab and Ace Taxi. Hailing a taxi could not be easier at the Cleveland airport. They are available twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. Taxis are located in one convenient spot at the South end of Baggage Claim. This is the only location taxis are allowed to pick up or drop off customers.

The dedicated taxi service allows the airport to ensure the quality and safety of the taxi service. Every taxi driver has had specialized training with a focus on customer service. Taxis are equipped with state of the art GPS services to make sure you get where you’re going in a timely manner. In-cab cameras and a pre-set rate structure also make the service as high quality as possible. The flat rate structure is based on mileage. Most rides will cost between $25 and $45 depending on the distance of your trip.

If taxis are not for you, Uber does operate in Cleveland and provides rides to and from the Cleveland airport. You can use the rideshare app the way you always do to order a ride through Uber. Make sure you enter the correct address to where you are going. Uber can be a cheaper option for leaving the airport depending on the time and location of the ride. To take an Uber to downtown Cleveland from the airport is between $15 and $30.

There is tons to do and see in Cleveland. With a few options to get around, you don’t have to stress about finding your way. Taxis and Ubers are happy to help you make it from place to place so you can start your adventure.

Everything You Need to Know About Taxis in Milan

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taxi milan

Milan is known as one of the most important cities for fashion in the world if it is not the most important. It is also the financial hub of Italy. Home to world famous art, like Leonardo DaVinci’s fresco The Last Supper, Milan has a lot to offer. Located in the province of Lombardy, the city is not very big, but Milan is a temporary home to a multitude of tourists and business people all year long. Getting around Milan could not be easier, but there are a few tips and tricks to know.

Why won’t the taxi stop when I try to hail it? Unfortunately, taxis do not stop when being hailed on the street. Milan has taxi stops or stands where you can hail a taxi. These stops are located all around the city, so you should not have  a problem locating one. You can also call ahead to order a taxi in advance if you know your schedule and don’t want to wait.

Are Milan taxis expensive? They are not cheap. Because Milan has such a great public transportation system and walking is often feasible, taxis are not as reasonable, but they are cheaper than other large cities in Europe. It is almost impossible to spend less than €6. You can often get from one side of the city to the other for around €10 because the city is quite small.

Are taxis in Milan safe? As long as you get into a legal and licensed taxi, the Milan taxis are very safe.

What do taxis in Milan look like? Legal taxis in Milan are white with a sign reading TAXI on it.

How do I book a taxi in Milan? You can get a taxi by walking to the nearest taxi stop. You can also book a taxi by calling the taxi company and booking directly. The only catch to calling and booking is the taxi company will charge you the moment they receive the call. The taxi will charge you for the time it takes to get to where you want to be picked up. This means the trip could be double or more than what it would be otherwise.

What does a taxi cost in Milan? Minimum fares start at €3.30 during weekdays. The starting fare jumps to €6.50 after nine in the evening. On public holidays the fare starts at €5.40. Per kilometer you will pay €1.09, and if you leave the taxi waiting, the meter runs at a rate of €28.32. The longer, faster, farther your taxi goes, the more you will pay.  If the taxi meter reaches €13.25, you will start paying €1.50 per kilometer, and the price per hour goes up to €39.27. If the car drives over 50 kilometers per hour for 60 seconds, the price per kilometer becomes €1.70. If you’re looking to see how much your Milan taxi trip will cost, you can always turn to TaxiFareFinder to find what to expect.

How to Book a Greyhound Bus

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How to book a greyhound bus

People need to get places. For short distances, taxis and public transportation are great options, but they are too pricey or not possible for longer journeys. Trains can also be a great option, but buses are often an overlooked transportation method. Greyhound buses have become a little bit iconic within the American mind. Even though everyone knows about them, very few people know how to actually take them. Read on for everything you need to know about booking a Greyhound a bus.

How do I book a Greyhound bus ticket? Greyhound is one of the easiest places to book a ticket through. They have a website, an app, a customer service line, and stations. Booking through their website and app are incredibly easy. Going straight to the station is another great way of booking your next bus trip. If you can avoid calling and booking your ticket, do. Greyhound charges a $15 fee when you book your ticket over the phone.

How much does a Greyhound bus ticket cost? Greyhound can be an incredibly inexpensive way to travel the country. Ticket prices depend on when and where you are going. You can go to the Greyhound website to figure out exactly what the cost of your ticket will be.

Where should I sit? People always head to the back of the bus. If you want a better chance of sitting alone, sit at the front. It’s also safer because people don’t act up close to the authority figure: the bus driver.

What can I bring on a Greyhound bus? You’re allowed to bring one carry on and one checked bag. Carry ons have to fit in the above head compartment and weigh under 25 pounds. Checked bags must weigh under 50 pounds.

What can’t I bring? No sharp objects, guns, hoverboards, or martial arts equipment are allowed on the buses in checked or carry on bags. Alcohol is also not permitted on the bus. Sporting goods, tools, and instruments are allowed in checked bags only.

Do bags cost extra? You’re allowed one checked bag with your ticket. Any extra bags are $15 each up to three bags.

Where do Greyhound buses go? Greyhound buses go so many places. You can explore all the places the buses go through the Explore Places tab on Greyhound’s website or by clicking here. You can travel to an abundance of places all over the country from small towns to huge cities.

When do I need to arrive for the bus? Plan to arrive an hour before you leave. You need to check in, find your bus, and line up. Usually this is a quick process, but on busy days, it can take awhile. Line up the moment you can because that means you’ll be the first to pick your seat, which makes a huge difference.

If you’ve never taken a Greyhound bus somewhere, you should consider it for your next trip. It can be a fast and inexpensive way of getting around. The bus is also an interesting vantage point to look at the country in a new way.

Everything You Need to Know About Taxis in Vancouver

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vancouver taxi

Vancouver is an incredible city to be a part of permanently or temporarily. From its amazing outdoorsy venues to the bustling city scape to the waterfront, there is something for everyone. The city is one of Canada’s most famous and popular places to live and visit. Vancouver is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the country, so it’s no wonder people flock there. Getting around anywhere can be a dilemma, and that is only magnified in a city of this size.

How do I hail a taxi? Hailing a taxi in Vancouver could not be easier. If you’re staying in a hotel, the hotel will be happy to arrange a taxi for you. You can also hail a taxi on the street, like in many other cities around the world.

What are the taxi companies in Vancouver? Five taxi companies operate in Vancouver. Though, there are several other taxi companies operating in the surrounding areas. Within the city of Vancouver the taxi companies are Yellow Cab Co, Vancouver Taxi, Maclure’s Cabs, Burnaby Select Taxi, and Black Top & Checker Cabs.

Are taxis safe in Vancouver? As long as you make sure to hail a cab from one of the five taxi companies, you will have no problem staying safe in Vancouver’s taxis.

Do Vancouver taxis take debit or credit cards? Yes. All Vancouver taxis are equipped to accept credit and debit cards. You won’t have any problem paying.

What does a taxi cost in Vancouver? Vancouver regulates all taxi companies operating within city limits by setting the fare so you won’t be overcharged. The rate is dependent on time and distance. Each ride starts at $2.75 with a per kilometer rate of $1.60. Rates may be higher at night, and rates are always subject to change without warning.

How do I get to or from the airport in Vancouver? Taxis are available twenty-four hours a day seven days a week at the airport and around the city. Taxis may not be the most cost efficient way to get to and from the airport, but they are the fastest and most efficient. The airport is situated in the Richmond area of Vancouver, so there are sixteen taxi companies operating in the area. Vehicles will vary greatly in make and color. You can hail a taxi outside the Domestic or International terminals any time of the day. Fares will cost you between $23 and $26 to go from the airport to downtown Vancouver.            

TaxiFareFinder is a helpful resource to use when you need to figure out how much your next ride will be. You can find out how much your next taxi ride will be in Vancouver here!

Getting a Taxi at the Singapore Airport in 2019

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singapore airport taxi

Singapore is one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world. With a booming economy and tourist industry, the airport is an important part of the city. Changi airport is one of the largest transportation hubs in Asia and rated the best airport in the world for seven years in a row. Changi boasts world class art and sculptures, activities for all ages, gardens, a maze, educational experiences, heritage sites, galleries, a 24 hour movie theater, and more. It is a wonder people would even want to leave the airport.

Located on the eastern side of the island Nation, Changi Airport is just a few kilometers from everything. In 2018 alone, the airport saw over 65 million people fly through their terminals.

Taxis are the most convenient, comfortable, and fastest way to get the twenty kilometers from the airport to the downtown area of the city or vice versa. Changi has five terminals: 1, 2, 3, Budget, and JetQuay, which is upscale. Terminals 1, 2, and 3 have taxi stands in the terminal. The Budget terminal has taxis right outside the terminal, and JetQuay passengers share a taxi stand with Terminal 2. Help desks can help you find the taxi stand if you’re having trouble locating it.

Most taxi drivers speak English, so you should not a have problem letting them know the location of your hotel or destination. If they do not speak English, you can show them the written address from your hotel confirmation or a guidebook. The ride takes about thirty minutes and is full of beautiful scenery.

Taxis in Singapore come in several colors blue, black, grey, white, red, cream, green, and even yellow. They are all legal and fully licensed. The twenty kilometer ride will cost between $20 and $35 depending on the day and time of day. On weekends, late nights, holidays, and between certain times an additional surcharge may be added on top of the metered fair.

Taxis are the preferred way of getting around Singapore because they are the cheapest, the cleanest, the fastest, and most drivers speak English. Taxi stands are located all over the airport and city, so you should not have a problem locating one. There is hardly a more convenient way to get around the island nation. 

To find your taxi fare from Changi Airport, try using our taxi fare calculator.