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Tag Archives: autonomous car

Who’s winning the self-driving car race?

Article first published on RideGuru. If you are involved in the rideshare world, or in technology at all, you have likely heard of the self-driving car race currently taking place….

self-driving car crash

Self-Driving Taxis Report Accidents

  Self-driving taxis are said to be the way of the future, with major car companies and rideshare giants developing models that are expected to be on the road in…

What The Uber!? Carnegie Mellon VS Uber

It’s our first ever What The Uber Friday and we are excited to share this What The Uber moment with you today! We all know that Uber’s business etiquette could…

Will Autonomous Cars Take Over Taxis?

Autonomous cars and the technology behind them seem to be all anyone can talk about recently. The world is curious about how these cars will work, how safe they will…

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