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Bienvenue au TaxiFareFinder de Tokyo, Japan. Cette page calculera le tarif de votre taxi grâce aux taux de taxis de Tokyo, Japan. Pour commencer, saisissez les renseignements de votre trajet dans les champs sous la carte.

Tous les résultats sont des montants estimatifs et peuvent varier selon des facteurs externes comme le trafic et le climat.

Les montants estimatifs des tarifs de TaxiFareFinder sont connus pour être les plus précis de tout site Web de taxis. Découvrez pourquoi.
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Combien coûte un taxi de 京成上野駅 (Keisei Ueno Sta.) (KS01), 上野公園1-60, 東京都, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan à 台東区役所, 東上野4-5-6, 東京都, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan dans Tokyo, Japan?
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FAQs - Taxi Fare Calculator

1. How does the Taxi Fare Calculator work in Tokyo, Japan?

The Taxi Fare Calculator for Tokyo, Japan utilizes our unique proprietary algorithm to estimate the cost of a ride between two specified locations. It takes into account factors such as distance, estimated time of travel, and current Tokyo, Japan Taxi pricing and fees to provide you with an accurate fare estimate.

2. Are the Taxi fare estimates provided by the calculator guaranteed?

No, the estimates provided by the calculator are not guaranteed as actual fares may vary depending on factors such as traffic and route taken. However, our Taxi fare estimates are known to be the most accurate of any taxi website.

3. Can I use the Taxi Fare Calculator to book a ride in Tokyo, Japan?

No, the calculator is a tool for estimating fares only. To book a Taxi ride, you will need to call a local Tokyo, Japan taxi company. For your convenience, we have verified Taxi companies listed on each city page under the fare estimate.

4. How accurate are the Taxi fare estimates?

The calculator strives to provide accurate, up to date estimates based on the information available at the time of calculation. With more than a decade and a half of experience, Taxi Fare Finder is the proven, trusted trip companion for travelers around the world. Our estimates are carefully calibrated based on local taxi rates and actual taxi prices.

5. Do the Taxi estimates include tips or other additional charges?

No, the estimates provided by the calculator do not include tips or any other potential additional charges, however, we do show a second fare with a 15% tip included for your planning purposes. We also list out any additional charges you may incur, airport fees, extra person surcharges, etc. It's important to consider these factors when budgeting for your Taxi ride.

6. Can I use the Taxi calculator for international rides?

Yes, you can use our Taxi Fare Calculators for international rides. We support more than 1,000 international locations! To find your desired city page, use our search bar in the upper right hand corner.

7. How often is the calculator updated?

The calculator is updated regularly by our team of transportation enthusiasts and by community members like you! If you notice a price difference between our estimate and your real time fare please let us know so we can continue to optimize our site.

8. Can I compare ride estimates across multiple companies?

While we do not compare ride estimates on TaxiFareFinder, you can head to our comparison site RideGuru to compare all ride estimates and fares worldwide!

Popular Taxi Fare Estimates for Tokyo, Japan
東京国際空港 / 羽田空港 (Tokyo International Airport) (HND), 羽田空港3-3-2, 東京都, Tokyo Prefecture 144-0041, Japan to HYATT REGENCY YOKOHAMA, 中区山下町280-2, 横浜市, Kanagawa 231-0023, Japan: ¥8,510
Yamanakako, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan to Kawaguchiko Station, Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan: ¥5,903
Kawaguchiko Station, Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan to Oshino Hakkai, Oshino, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan: ¥4,278
Haneda Airport, Ōta, Tokyo, Japan to Shinjuku West Exit, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan: ¥10,447
Shinjuku Station to Tokyo Station: ¥3,329
チームラボプラネッツ (teamLab Planets), 豊洲6-1-16, 東京都, Tokyo Prefecture 135-0061, Japan to スイス大使館 (Embassy of Switzerland), 南麻布5-9-12, 東京都, Tokyo Prefecture 106-0047, Japan: ¥4,586
大さん橋ホール (Osanbashi Hall), 中区海岸通1-1-4, 横浜市, Kanagawa 231-0002, Japan to 羽田空港第3ターミナル駅 (Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Sta.) (KK16), 羽田空港2-6-5, 東京都, Tokyo Prefecture 144-0041, Japan: ¥8,412
Shibuya to Shinjuku Station: ¥2,407
東京国際空港 / 羽田空港 (Tokyo International Airport) (HND), 羽田空港3-3-2, 東京都, Tokyo Prefecture 144-0041, Japan to 銀座駅 (Ginza Sta.), 銀座4-1-2, 東京都, Tokyo Prefecture 104-0061, Japan: ¥8,160
羽田空港第3ターミナル駅 (Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Sta.) (KK16), 羽田空港2-6-5, 東京都, Tokyo Prefecture 144-0041, Japan to 戸塚駅西口第2バスセンター, 戸塚町, 横浜市, Kanagawa 244-0003, Japan: ¥11,240
ANAインターコンチネンタルホテル東京 (ANA InterContinental Tokyo), 赤坂1-12-33, 東京都, Tokyo Prefecture 107-0052, Japan to 新宿駅 (Shinjuku Sta.), 新宿3/西新宿1/代々木2, 東京都, Tokyo Prefecture 160-0023, Japan: ¥3,128
Asakusa Station to Tokyo Station: ¥2,410
Nagoya Station, Aichi, Japan to Kyoto Station, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan: ¥41,664
嬉野市, Saga, Japan to 祐徳稲荷神社, 古枝1855, 鹿島市, Saga 849-1321, Japan: ¥3,743
Japan, 東京都東京都千代田区外神田4丁目4番3 to アパホテル六本木駅前, 六本木6-7-8, 東京都, 東京都, Japan: ¥3,395
浅草駅 (Asakusa Sta.), 浅草1/花川戸1/駒形1, 東京都, Tokyo Prefecture 111-0032, Japan to 東京駅 (Tokyo Sta.), 丸の内1, 東京都, Tokyo Prefecture 100-0005, Japan: ¥3,064
Shinjuku Station to Shibuya: ¥2,356
Tokyo Station to ROPPONGI Hills: ¥2,550
Hakoneyumoto Station, Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan to 909 仙石原 箱根町, 足柄下郡, Kanagawa, Japan: ¥6,415
東京国際空港 / 羽田空港 (Tokyo International Airport) (HND), 羽田空港3-3-2, 東京都, Tokyo Prefecture 144-0041, Japan to SHIBUYA SKY, 渋谷2-24-12, 東京都, Tokyo Prefecture 150-0002, Japan: ¥9,007
東京国際空港 / 羽田空港 (Tokyo International Airport) (HND), 羽田空港3-3-2, 東京都, Tokyo Prefecture 144-0041, Japan to 新大久保駅 (Shin-Ōkubo Sta.), 百人町1-10-15, 東京都, Tokyo Prefecture 169-0073, Japan: ¥10,828
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