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TaxiFareFinder News

Hailing a Taxi at Cleveland Airport 2022

cleveland airport taxi

Cleveland Hopkins Airport is a major public transportation hub in Cleveland, Ohio. One of NASA’s major field centers, Glenn Research Center, is within close proximity. The Cleveland airport is only nine miles away from downtown Cleveland and is currently the 43rd busiest airport in the United States!

Taxis at Cleveland Airport

One of the fastest and easiest ways to get from the airport to your next destination are taxis. Cleveland…


How to Spot a Fake Taxi in New York City

Taxis in New York have strict guidelines regarding vehicle types and fares. There are several ways you can identify illegal taxis so you can avoid them at all costs.

In New York City, there are 13,587 working taxis. Each one of these taxis are legal and will display a medallion. Medallions are a signature of legal taxis in New York City. If there is no medallion on the taxi, do not get in the car.

Carry On Luggage Restrictions

Carry-ons are an important part of flying, especially with the recent increase of lost checked luggage! When flying, passengers are allowed to bring a carry on and a small personal item with them into the cabin of the plane. Larger or heavier suitcases must be checked below the plane. There are so many rules and regulations about flying; it is important to understand what is allowed and what is not allowed in a carry on before you hop on your next flight.


How to Use the Popular African Taxi App: Taxi Live Africa

Taxi Live Africa

Uber has initiated rivalries between traditional Taxi and Uber drivers around the world. In South Africa, where Taxi Live Africa, or TLA, was recently developed, the rivalry was bitter. Uber was beloved because you could easily request a ride from your phone, a luxury! However, the TLA app hopes to change this and give Taxis the comeback they have been longing for.

Now, traditional, metered taxis can be hailed through the Taxi Live Africa app. In app…


Need a Rental Car? Try Lyft X Hertz!

Photo credit: Lyft.com

Are you having trouble finding a rental car for your summer travels? Perhaps Lyft can help! Just recently, Lyft announced a new partnership with Hertz in an effort to expand their rental car offerings.

Lyft users can now book a
Hertz rental car directly from the Lyft app. Further, Lyft rental car users
will get special perks including: 

  • A $10 Lyft credit after you return…


Our Top Ten International Taxi Safety Tips

Tips for staying safe in international taxis

Traveling internationally soon? Wondering if Taxis abroad are the same as they are at home? While the premise is the same, Taxis around the world do have different rules and customs. Here are our top ten tips on taking a taxi in another country.

International Taxi Tips

  1. Look for a meter and radio. Not all areas require meters, but almost every legitimate taxi company…


Do I have to tip my taxi driver in 2022?

How much should i tip a taxi driver?

Ten years ago not tipping your taxi driver was considered incredibly rude and almost unheard of in the United States. Then everything changed when ridesharing popped onto the scene. Uber and Lyft started out promoting a "no tipping culture" during their first few years. In fact, during this time, not tipping was so heavily enforced that driver's even faced deactivation if they asked for or hinted at a tip from the rider.

After a…


7 Ways to Stretch Your Money While Traveling 2022

budget travel tips

After quarantining and social distancing for the last 2 plus years, people are finally ready to travel! Hotels are booked up, flights are expensive, and tour companies are increasing their prices to fit the demand. However, whether you are embarking on a family, girls, fun, or solo trip, there are still tons of ways to save money and increase your spending power.

Money saving and stretching does take some research and a little time, but if you…


Riders! Quickly improve your Uber rating with these tips

The two-way rating system used by Uber where passengers and drivers are able to rate each other based on their ride experience has become the new norm for almost all rideshare services. This system makes both parties in the vehicle liable and responsible for their actions and ensures an enjoyable, safe trip.

Many riders worry about maintaining a high rating as it could possibly affect the ease at which you are able to request a ride in the future. Our team has compiled our top tips when it comes…


Uber Joins Forces with Largest Italian Taxi Service

Similar to the partnership Uber created with NYC taxis, Uber has now also signed a partnership with IT Taxi, the largest taxi dispatch service in Italy. Through this alliance, IT Taxi’s 12,000 taxi drivers will now be able to accept trips through the Uber app. Uber is hopeful that this new deal will help to expand their overall presence in Italy, especially as the new service covers 90 cities across the country.

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