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TaxiFareFinder News

Top 5 Disney World Transportation Options (2022)

Walt Disney World Entrance

As of January 1st, 2022, Disney is discontinued their Magical Express Bus service to and from Orlando Airport. The Magical Express was always a great free perk of staying at an onsite Disney Resort. Unfortunately, now guests of the Magic Kingdom, will have to find their own means of transport to the most magical place on earth. 

Below we are outlining the various ways to travel between Walt Disney World and the Orlando Airport. Depending…


Purchasing and Redeeming Lyft Gift Cards

‘Tis the season for gifts and a popular choice this year is gift
cards to Lyft. With car prices sky high, more and more people are turning to
rideshares to get around, even in the midst of this pandemic. Gift cards to
rideshare services have become a common and practical gift this holiday season.

Sending a Lyft Gift Card

If you are looking to send a Lyft gift…


Need a last-minute gift? Use Uber Connect!

This week Uber rolled out another new feature, just in time for the holidays! With anticipated national shipping delays due to a heavy volume of shipments and low workforce numbers, Uber wants to help fill the gaps using their Uber Connect service.

According to Uber, “Whether it’s fresh baked cookies or a present for a gift exchange, by tapping the package icon in the app, Uber Connect can help you send gifts, goodies and holiday cheer across…


Uber app now lets users audio record their trips!

In a Press Release
announcement made this week, Uber announced 3 new features that riders and
drivers can utilize within the Uber app. Each feature is designed to enhance
the safety and comfort of the Uber service.

The first feature is Audible
Seat Belt Alerts, a proactive, audio alert that reminds riders to buckle
up at the start of a trip! The audio alert will sound from the driver’s phone
and will simultaneously…


Curb partners with Boston's THE RIDE

Curb, a taxi hailing application, is now expanding their services to allow MBTA “THE RIDE” users in the Boston area to book accessible rides through the Curb app. Customers looking to use THE RIDE platform, can now request and schedule a taxi or wheelchair accessible vehicle through the Curb app, website, or even over the phone.

THE RIDE, is a program through the MBTA that provides
paratransit services. THE RIDE is a shared-ride transportation option that is…


Uber Transit: How to utilize Public Transportation through the Uber App

Traveling has become quite tricky these days with Ubers and Taxis in short supply and car prices through the roof. With the holiday season in full swing, many travelers are struggling to find a reliable way to get from point A to point B. One transportation option that has been overlooked recently, mainly due to the pandemic, is public transportation. However, it may be time to take another look at utilizing those city subways and bus routes!



How to use the Curb "Pair & Pay" feature

Ever wish you could simply hail
a taxi off the streets of NYC but pay through an app on your phone so you don’t
need to carry any cash or cards with you? Curb, the hailing app for yellow
taxis, does just that! With Curb, you can book a ride up to 24 hours in advance
or hail one right off the street. If you choose to hail a cab the old-fashioned
way, you can use Curb’s "Pair &…


How to set up your ARRO account

ARRO is an app that allows you to hail and pay for taxis in multiple cities around the United States and in London, UK. With ARRO, you never have to worry about surge pricing, a common current issue with the lack of Uber and Lyft drivers. ARRO is available on both iOS and Android devices. Here is how to set up your ARRO account.

  1. Once installed, open ARRO and tap on the REGISTER button.


Guaranteed Rides with Uber Reserve

Uber has heard your feedback and starting next week Uber is rolling out guaranteed advanced bookings in over 20 US cities! Uber’s newest initiative, Uber Reserve, helps riders who are looking for more ride assurance when requesting important, time sensitive trips such as to the airport or a doctor’s appointment.

According to Uber, Uber Reserve will offer the following enhanced features:

  • A streamlined user experience where you can quickly and…


How to Sign up and Drive for Curb

What is Curb?

Curb, formerly Taxi Magic, is an on-demand car service that
hails existing traditional taxis through the Curb smartphone app. Unlike
rideshare companies, such as Uber and Lyft, which hail a peer-driven car, the
Curb app will hail a traditional licensed taxi or professional for hire car.
With Curb, passengers can either request a car when they need one through the
app or they can hail a taxi off the street…


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