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TaxiFareFinder - Advertisement Application Form

This page is for potential advertisers who already understand the available advertising options at TaxiFareFinder.com. If you are interested in finding out more, please refer to our Advertisers page.

If you are interested in advertising with TaxiFareFinder.com, please fill out the form below. The submission will begin the enrollment process, where our sales staff will contact you regarding the next steps.

If you have any questions, please send us a message on the Contact Us page. TaxiFareFinder.com will never provide your contact information to any third party, nor will we ever send you any unsolicited correspondence.

By submitting this form, you must agree to the statements below:

  1. My proposed listing is for a company that operates taxis and/or limos.
  2. My proposed listing is for a company that operates in USA or Canada.
  3. I will not submit multiple entries, i.e. dispatch phone #s, of the same taxi company/entity.
  4. My listing can be taken down at any point at the discretion of TaxiFareFinder.
    (e.g. unfavorable user feedback, not meeting customer demands)

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