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TFF API Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
This page summarizes the high-level concepts and usage information for TaxiFareFinder API. Please review this information carefully before using the API.
Getting Started Using TaxiFareFinder API Regarding Usage Limits Regarding TaxiFareFinder API for Business

Getting Started

What is the TaxiFareFinder API?

The TaxiFareFinder API gives developers ways of embedding TaxiFareFinder's taxi fare estimate functionality into webpages and applications.

What cities and countries does the TaxiFareFinder API cover?

The TaxiFareFinder team is working hard to expand its coverage to more regions and municipalities. The list of currently supported entities can be found in the API documentation. Please also note that not all entities (e.g. cities) may be available in the API.

How do I start using the TaxiFareFinder API?

To use the API, you must submit a request in order to receive an API key. Once you have received the key, please refer to the API documentation to get started.

Using TaxiFareFinder APIs

What are the Terms of Service for using the TaxiFareFinder API?

The Terms of Service for the TaxiFareFinder API are available at: http://www.taxifarefinder.com/apitos.php

What can I do with TaxiFareFinder API?

The following are examples of valid API uses, this is not a definitive list of valid uses but it should help give some context to legitimate TaxiFareFinder API uses.

You may:

You may not:

Are there any display requirements?

Your webpage must clearly state that it is utilizing TaxiFareFinder's functionality in providing the taxi fare estimates. You must place either the word 'TaxiFareFinder' or a small TaxiFareFinder logo next to your content which incorporates or relies on TaxiFareFinder API content (for example, the area of your site where the content is being used or the TFF fare estimates are being displayed. We also require the text and logo to be hyperlinks to TaxiFareFinder.com.

Our terms also forbid displaying the route information next to the taxi fare returned by the API. You are also strongly encouraged to display TaxiFareFinder's disclaimers upon displaying the fares.

Please check the Terms of Service for exact display requirements.

Can I cache or pre-fetch information from the TaxiFareFinder API?

No, you may not cache, record, pre-fetch, or otherwise store any portion of the TaxiFareFinder API content or attempt to provide a means to execute any 'bulk download' operations. Please refer to the 'Restriction' section of the Terms of Service.

Can I use the TaxiFareFinder API on a commercial or paid website?

Yes, you can use the TaxiFareFinder API on commercial, paid, or non-profit websites, as long as they meet the Terms of Service. You should use your own counsel to determine how to communicate disclaimers to your users. For paid sites that require a login, you must submit valid login information to TFF team, so we can verify its usage.

Can I use the TaxiFareFinder API on a site that requires login?

Yes, ou can use the TaxiFareFinder API on sites where a login is required; however, valid login information must be submitted to TaxiFareFinder, so we can verify its usage. The site also needs to comply with Terms of Service.

Can I use the TaxiFareFinder API in a non-Web application?

Yes, the TaxiFareFinder API can be used in desktop or mobile applications, provided they adhere to the Terms of Service. For example, the same display guidelines apply as those covered in the question, 'Are there any display requirements?'

Can I put advertising on my website that uses the TaxiFareFinder API?

Yes, you can place advertising on your websites using TaxiFareFinder API.

I have a question regarding the API. Whom can I contact?

For account related questions, please contact sales[at]taxifarefinder.com. For technical questions, please contact us at support[at]taxifarefinder.com

How do I use the TaxiFareFinder API?

Please reference our API documentation.

Usage Limits

What usage limits apply to the TaxiFareFinder API?

Websites or applications using the TaxiFareFinder API may submit, at no cost, 5,000 requests a day. The usage will be tracked through the use of TFF API Key and IPs.

If you expect your site to exceed this usage limit regularly, you may want to consider TaxiFareFinder API for Business.

Our website gets a lot of traffic. Can we still use the TaxiFareFinder API?

If you expect to get a lot of traffic, you may want to consider TaxiFareFinder API for Business.

Can I use more than one API key to increase my available usage quota?

No, this violates the Terms & Service of the TaxiFareFinder API. TaxiFareFinder reserves the right to withhold access to the API from any site that attempts to use more than one API key and fails to respond when contacted by us.

If my website exceeds the usage limit, will the API suddenly stop responding?

Your API key will be locked upon hitting its daily usage limit, and you will start to receive REQUEST_LIMIT_REACHED status code. This lock will be lifted at midnight PST. If you suspect that your website will continue to hit the usage limit, please consider purchasing a license under TaxiFareFinder API for Business.

Regarding TaxiFareFinder API for Business

How much does TaxiFareFinder for Business cost?

The API usage up to its limit of 5,000 requests is still free for users with a business account. Requests beyond this usage limit will be assessed a fee on the number of requests. Please contact us for more information. The usage information is collected at the end of the calendar month and the bill will be sent to you.

How do I sign up for TaxiFareFinder API for Business?

Please contact us at sales[at]taxifarefinder.com and we will contact you with details.

Is pricing available in other currencies?

No. Pricing is currently only available in U.S. dollars.

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