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Taxi Driver Complaints

Rude customers? Non-paying customers? Unacceptable behaviors in your cab? You can unleash here.

This page is meant to be a bulletin board and is not necessarily monitored by the website editors. Please be aware and be sensitive of the content you include. Note to Readers: The posting maybe *AS IS* as editors of the site do not review each submission. TaxiFareFinder.com is not responsible for the content of these listings.

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Taxi Complaints (Beta)


Now for the other side of the story...I am a former driver from the NE Florida area and I would like to say yes, there are many cab drivers who are low life scam artists, most of them foreign dirtbags from whatever third world cesspool...stop letting these people into our country or at least stop them from driving cabs and many (not all) of the problems mentioned here would cease. To the lady whose kid puked in the cab...do you want to be the passenger who sits on that seat after she just "wiped it up"? Proper procedure dictates the cab goes down (no more income for the driver for the next hour or two) to be sterilized. How much would you charge to clean up some one else's puke (to be fair I had a similar incident w/ a baby and only charged $40, drunks don't get that break)?

How about exposing nightmare for the cabbies?
As a passenger, if you respect yourself, behave respectfully even when no one is watching, including cab drivers.

For every BAD cabbie experience you unfortunatelly had, how many GOOD or non event cabbie experience have you had? Can society live wihtout taxicabs? Try it!! Therefore, Good Taxicab drivers need good and respectfull passenges and they need us as well. A Majority of cabbies in DC are: Usually immigrants, hard working, honest, man/women with strong family values. DC cabbies are law abiding citizens with Zero felony conviction.

TaxiDrivers Nightmares:
1-Worlds most dangerous profession.
2-I've been driving Taxicab in DC since 1991

My short stories/nightmares are:
1992 my cab was stollen right in front of my house found 2 weeks latter in Annapolis MD.
1993 robbed at gun point on my head. amount=$48.00. He got cought sentences 8-10Yrs in jail.
1995 pick up 2 young male passengers later on I saw them carrying woozy machine guns in trench coat. After dropping them off, I kept my mouth shut.
1996 passenger spontaneously attacked me with a bite on my neck like a vampire demanding money. He got cought and sentenced 4-5 Yrs in jail.
1997 passenger didn't have money to pay fare and refused to get out of the cab. When I got out to open his door he gave me a brooken nose.I fixed my nose myself.
1998 I cought 2 passengers male and female during sexual act in the cab while I was driving them to their destination.
1991 2 females dressed like male. While riding on the cab, they got into a fight and one knocked a tooth out of the other one's mouth with a kung-Fu style elbow strick.
I have had many incidents of sexual nature as well: women and gay men young and old professional and not, exposing themselves to me as a cab driver. I always decline politelly.
Many other incidents from the most ridiculus to the fanniest ones, and many countless walk outs without paying. I don't care to spent more time to telling you. However, my lattest incident never happened to me before.
On 08/07/09 a young couple asked me to take them to McLain VA, about 14 miles from DC. When we arrived, I noticed that both passengers where very intoxicated, she more than he. Since she could not walk, he politely asked if I could help him carry his girlfriend to the door which I agreed. Since she was a small frame young lady I picked her up from the cab seat and put her on my shoulders and then carried her toward the door of their nice condominium. To my surprise before I knew it I started filling worm and wet liquid running down from my chest to my stomach, then I realized that she had peed on me.

Wow, first of all let me say there are some f***** up cabbies out there! I recently BECAME a cab driver because the pay is ok, if your the go getter type, and I am going to school in the days. It's really nice as far as freedoms on the job and whatnot. But wow. I'll have to try some of these things you guys have experienced from your own cabbies! I just hope I can live up to Americas standard for public trans officials!

San Francisco

Hey I am a taxi driver in SF, CA and I suggest women try requesting a woman driver!! In San Francisco, you can request a woman at SFO or when calling a dispatch. At Green Cab we have about 30% women drivers! AT SFO they have a requirement to fill any customer request if they can (there are usually 200 to 300 taxi's in the staging area)... You may have to wait 5 to 10 minutes while they locate the taxi and then it can make it's way to the arrival area where you are waiting. Try asking for what you want, may be more difficult at peak hours... :) We are not all creepy guys, especially in SF!! Go Green we rock!!


People who catch taxis or any form of public transportation will always have a bad experience if they don,t loose the 'I'm the customer...'condescending manner. Some people never have a bad experience...this is a direct result of their attitude.

New York

I read YOUR Taxi story : it is sad that most of the people they comment about the taxi service seems they hate cab drivers. How about good taxi service ? you telling me none of them are good? Did YOUR WRITER LOOK AT THEMSELVES HOW THEY TREAT CAB DRIVER. I believe for Every bad customer action there must be some bad reaction by the CAB drivers. Most of my drivers are very good , honest and human after all. They help and in deed watch out the customerfrom crack addicts ,petty crime, rape etc. #1) I had a question for Different Form of Payment? JANETTB what is your PROFESSION? MAY BE HE PICK YOU UP WHERE most prostitute hangout? May be he assume. #2) Police would probably trust the lady with a baby (Submitted By: EazyEze) : Listen lady , the cab driver probably right , he should charge her car wash ,air freshener , and the time he wasted for nothing to wash his car so next passenger could enjoy the ride with clean car than sticking baby smell ,dipper ,and vomiting. Not that I hate babies,but the fact remained . Facts are yes Facts . in my opinion she shouldn't wait until the cab driver tell her so. She ALSO THING OTHER CUSTOMERS NEED A CLEAN SMELLING CAB. I HAVE SAME situation the cab looks clean inside and outside, me heading to JFK but i had to cancel the taxi ride and told him what happen. he of course wipe it out but it don't have same effect as the car wash. so his time , expense to wash his car, money lost during car wash line etc are in deed hurt cab driver and the cab driver don't respect us as a customer because we as a customer are crocks too. AND IT IS TRUE MOST CAB DRIVERS SPEED , DISOBEY TRAFFIC LAWS ,but your sit should be fair and balanced to inform and to educate the rest of us. thank you for your service.


Taxi Cat
I am a taxi driver in Palm Springs, Ca. We as drivers get over charged by our companies we lease the cabs from and our RA (Regulating Authority) Who do we need to talk to about "THE DRIVERS" getting ripped off? our leases for the "season" is between $700 and $950, "out of season" is between $500 and $700(higher price is for a "BUDDY" lease). We have no control over this, and we have to work. Most drivers to even break even are on the roads more then 12hrs a day, some even 18 to 20hrs a day. The RA is NOT regulating this. Plus our rates are low for the area, gas prices are high, and our cabs are clean, but we can bearly survive. Is there any help for us as drivers??? Please someone bring someone that knows how to regulate companies to protect the drivers.
Taxi Cat
Palm Springs,Ca

Daniel's Taxi Service
I own a Taxi service and no matter how far you go the taxi meter already charges for the return trip to where the meter started. Alot of times it is cheaper to take a limo because they only charge one way.

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