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For Developers
Welcome, developers! TaxiFareFinder offers various ways for you to integrate with our features. Please see below for the current options.


  1. Embeddable Calculator for your Website (Large)
  2. Embeddable Calculator for your Website (Simple)
  3. Custom URL for your Business
  4. TaxiFareFinder API (beta)
  5. Custom Taxi Fare Calculator Page
  6. TaxiFareFinder for WordPress

1. Taxi Fare Calculator - Embed on your Website (Large)

Do you have a taxi or travel website? Do you want your own taxi fare calculator?

Try TaxiFareFinder's embeddable calculator. You can start immediately here, and best of all, it is free! Simply take the code below, and apply it to your website's HTML. The default size is 780 for width and 700 for height.

Why TFF Calculator over others?

  1. Accurate! - Uses local rates & calibrated with real fares.
  2. Easy entry! - The fields auto-complete for easy entering of addresses or locations
  3. Accepts location names! - No need for exact addresses. Just enter the location e.g. "Downtown...", "The White House...", "Joe's Crab Shack...", "Boston, MA"

How to implement:

 a) Type your city name:

b) Copy the following code to your site:

2. Taxi Fare Calculator - Embed on your Website (Simple)

If you are a taxi company or travel agency, you may want your site visitors to have access to accurate taxi estimates. Using TaxiFareFinder's embeddable calculator, you can offer taxi estimates directly on your website.

Due to Google API restrictions, we require that you obtain your own Google Maps API key in order to use our widget. API keys can be obtained here. Include the following in your <head> element including your api key:

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?key=<YOUR_GOOGLE_MAPS_API_KEY>&libraries=places,geometry"></script>

How to implement:

 a) Type your city name:

 b) Choose a layout for your widget:

Vertical Horizontal

Note: both the horizontal and vertical layouts will expand and contract horizontally to fill their container. Widths shown here are for example only.

 c) Copy the following code to your site:

3. Custom URL for Businesses

If you are a business recommending TaxiFareFinder to your visitors, we recommend creating a custom URL. By following the guideline below, you can create a custom URL where your customers/visitors will automatically have the destinations prepopulated on TaxiFarefinder.

Follow the examples below. You can share a link to make your address appear in TaxiFarefinder. Share it with your customers and guests. They will immediately be taken to TFF with your address inserted on the page.


http://www.taxifarefinder.com/main.php?city=<entity name>&from=<address or POI>

http://www.taxifarefinder.com/main.php?city=<entity name>&to=<address or POI>



http://www.taxifarefinder.com/main.php?city=Boston&to=1 Main Street, Boston, MA

4. TaxiFareFinder API (Beta)


Using the API, you can take advantage of TaxiFareFinder's proprietary algorithm and offer your users with our taxi estimates. Our API gives developers ways of embedding TaxiFareFinder's functionality into webpages and applications.

For more information, go to TaxiFareFinder API page.

5. Custom Taxi Fare Calculator

If you are a taxi company, you probably have referred many of your customers to TaxiFareFinder.com. If so, thank you. If you currently link to us, you may want to try this custom Taxi Fare Calculator. On this page, users will see your company logo and one taxi dispatch # listed...yours!

This offer is limited to companies operating under a city or region that TaxiFareFinder already supports. You will not be able to specify your own rates or POIs. (However, you can always request them!) Contact us now to get started.

Try an example here with AAA Taxi from San Antonio, TX.

6. TaxiFareFinder for WordPress

If you have a WordPress website, this is a must-have plugin. You can now offer the popular taxi fare calculator directly on your website. Please refer to the documentation at TaxiFareFinder Plugin page.

Why TFF WordPress Plugin?

  1. Allows your users to estimate taxi fares by providing "To" and "From" addresses.
  2. Choose from over 600 localities in taxi rates. "US Average" and "Canada Average" are also available.
  3. Utilizes calculations and rates from the trusted TaxiFareFinder.com
  4. AutoComplete functionality for addresses. (Utilizing Google Maps API)
  5. Accepts location names, not just addresses

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