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Taxi Information for Phoenix, AZ (as of Nov 13, 2019)
Fare Rates

Metered Rates (Approximate)

  • $2.50~$3.50 for initial charge
  • $1.50~2.00 for each additional mile
  • $28.00~$35.00 for wait time per hour
  • Trips leaving Phoenix airport may have different rates (see below)

Airport Rates (Leaving PHX)

  • $5.00 for the first mile
  • $2.00 for every subsequent miles
  • $20.00 per hour for traffic delays
  • $1.00 airport surcharge
  • The minimum fare is $15.

Cab Companies and Phone Numbers

Taxi Phone Numbers

Apache Taxi(480) 804-1000
Taxi Phoenix(480) 616-0104
Taxi Surprise(480) 616-0105
Checker/Yellow(602) 252-5252
Discount Cab(602) 200-2000
Community Cab(480) 644-1000
Yellow Cab(480) 888-8888
Apache Taxi(480) 804-1000
AAA/Yellow Cab(480) 888-8888
Mayflower Cab(602) 955-1355
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Additional Information from http://phoenix.about.com/

Arizona Taxi Laws -

  • The driver must have a valid Arizona license.
  • The vehicle must be properly registered.
  • An insurance policy of $300,000 or more, depending on passenger capacity, must be in effect. If an uninsured vehicle is involved in an accident, the passenger may not be covered.
  • Taxi insurance must cover passengers in the event of injury, property damage, and an accident involving an uninsured or uninsured motorist.
  • Taxis must use a sealed taximeter.
  • Livery vehicles are allowed to transport passengers for a flat rate. They must show the rates with one-inch letters at least until the passenger has agreed on the fare.
  • Limousines cannot solicit fares. They must be hired in advance.
  • Taxis must have a valid taxi license plate.
  • Arizona law also requires that all taxis and livery vehicles display a current sticker in the lower right-hand corner of their rear windshield. Limousines must have this sticker in the vehicle at all times, but can choose not to display it.

What To Look For When Hiring A Taxi or Car Service
When hiring a vehicle to take you somewhere, look for certain things that guarantee your taxi or livery vehicle is registered and has appropriate insurance:

  • A Weights and Measures sticker with a current year should be in the right-hand rear window of a taxi or livery vehicle.
  • The posted rates must be inside and outside of the vehicle in letters that are at least one inch high. If you're hiring a livery vehicle, look for the posted rates, which must be based on either a geographic zone or on a flat rate.
  • Check the license plate. Most taxi plates contain the letter "Z," though other plates may be allowed as well.
  • Check the meter. Look for a wire seal that is designed to prevent tampering.
  • If you spot an illegal taxi, please call AZ Weights and Measures at 602-255-5211 or 1-800-277-6675. You can also file a complaint online by visiting the Arizona Department of Weights and Measures online.

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