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Do you want to share taxi stories? Funny driver? Nightmare trip? Crazy customers? Bizarre experience?

TaxiFareFinder.com is looking for stories from you. Please share with us your taxi experiences that are unbelievable, funny, or crazy. If we like your story, we will post it for the cab community to see!

(Note: Please be aware that we may share your story with other visitors to our site. You can include as much information or details as you wish, but we reserve the discretion to hide and/or alter any information that you have submitted. If you are a taxi rider and have a complaint, please contact the taxi company, your city's hackney group, or the proper authorities. ...or post them on Taxi Complaint Bulletin Board.)

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Cabbie and his Easy Pass Expertise (Submitted By: TaxiFan77)
I was taking a taxi from Brighton to Logan Airport, and my cabbie blew through the Fast Lane going 65 mph. When I pointed this out to him, he said "the technology was built for 75 mph, so I am fine." I didn't see the Green Light come on, so I am thinking he is definitely wrong and will get a ticket with a photo of his license plate.

Cabbie, the Physics Expert (Submitted By: EastBaltCity)

This is related to the Fast Lane story but at a red light. My driver once blew through the red light in an intersection that he claimed was equipped with an automatic camera. Little flustered, he told me that the camera didn't catch him because he was moving fast enough. He claims that the cameras are not timed for cars moving over a certain MPH. What a crock. I mean...what about my safety? I don't really care about your ticket or losing your medallion.

What a coincidence?! (Submitted By: young and dumb)

I went to chicago with some friends for our senior spring break in high school, took the train from St. Louis to ChiTown. When we got there, we caught a cab to take us to our hotel. He took us to the wrong one, which we didn't realize until we were inside. Came outside to catch another cab got the same driver again...oh to be 17 again.

Becareful in the snow... (Submitted By: TrainedBlazer)

In Chicago, I took a cab from Union Station to Uptown. It's a ride that I do often and familiar with. I once had a fare that was signifcantly higher ($30) even though there was nothing out of the ordinary. Similar amount of time and we took the same route. Later, my friend asked me if it were snowing, and...welll...yes, it was. Apparently, cab drivers spin their tires in the snow to jack up the fares!! Total scam! A very old trick (according to my friend).

I am Chicago native and I totally got taken for!

Different Form of Payment? (Submitted By: JanetteB)

I had an incident that made me swear I will never take a cab again. We had reached my friends' house, and I was about to pay my fare. Then the cab driver said to me, "I accept other forms of payments, you know. Doens't have to be money." It was the grossest thing ever. I was so freaked out that I immediately jumped out of the cab and started walking, but then the driver followed me in his car and continued to say many vulgar things.

Police would probably trust the lady with a baby (Submitted By: EazyEze)

Talking of scams, a friend of mine had a bad experience. She had a 4 year-old (?) in the backseat of a cab. The baby had a spit up, and the milk from her mouth landed on the seat. She cleaned it up immediately with a cloth, but when the driver noticed, he stopped the car, and threatened her that he'd take her to the police unless she paid the fee of $100. Therer was no visible damage and was not even wet.

She actually works in the legal field, so she wasn't fooled. She claimed she committed no crime and dared the driver to take her to the police. The driver, half panicked, told her to get out. Yes, she did, and she didn't pay.

Baltimore Driver (Submitted By: K. Malik)

I went with Yellow/Checker/Sun cab (driver K. Malik) from Baltimore's Inner Harbor to BWI. The fare posted on the back seat for this ride is $27. However, the driver insisted, very aggressively, on getting paid $41.

Guys also have to be careful. (Submitted by YAn)

"Hey, man, do you want some sex before I drop you off?"

This is coming from a dude driver, and I am a straight dude. Yes, we were in the Bay Area. (Go figure)

Always check the metter when you get on (Submitted by Beantowner)

My parents were once forced to pay double the fare, not because of the cabbie demanding the return trip (which also happens), but because the cabbie didn't reset the meter when they got on. They didn't notice until they got to their destination, but they weren't sure how to argue. My father finally only paid the "proper" amount, but that is plain dirty. (Lesson: Make sure they reset the meter!)

Fake Taxi Bonanza (Submitted by Garn29)

I once got on a "taxi" and noticed there was no meter. (This is Chicago.) When I mentioned this to the driver, he just said, "I will charge you $6.00." Eve before he started driving, I jumped out, but, man, that was sketch.

Perverted Drivers (Submitted by NatalieGJ)

I had a cab driver once, completely out of the blue, tell me, "Come on up here and give me some head." It was the randomest thing, and he looked serious. Of course, when I said, "no", he pretended he was kidding. He didn't take me to an alley or anything, but I was so sickened. Gosh, does that ever work? This was at San Francisco airport.

Sunday Morning Blues (Submitted by CabbiFan)

There was a time until a few years ago, I took a cab weekly on Sunday early mornings. As people who have done similar agree, the cab generally STINKS from all the Saturday night passengers. Smoke, ashes, alcohol, trash...it is absolutely disgusting. Few times, the seat smells like vomit, despite the cabbie's efforts.

Only in New York... (Submitted by TicketToRide)

I took a taxi from LaGuardia to Times Square a little while back. The driver was obviously sick, as he was coughing and spitting the whole time. He stopped a few times to spit out the side of the car and at a red light, he opened the door and vomitted! Ah, New York taxis!

The innocent days. (Submitted by Jill)

It was in the sixties and I went to college in Boston.

My 3 friends and I took a cab from school to Logan. The cab driver multiplied the fare by 4, and that's what we were charged. So very young, so very naive. They don't teach you that stuff in college...I got street smart when I told my father !

How does he have his license? (Submitted by Dan M.)

When I lived in Mn. my mom and sister came up for a visit. The hack driver they got didn't know his way around anywhere. When they ask'd him why was he having such a problem, he said that he had just moved to the state 2 days ago. He was very nice they said. Just a little lost. Maybe he should of stare'd at McD's first. We still laugh about it.

Long name is an essential part of being a Taxi Driver (Submitted by Jinx.)

I was taking a cab from BC to East Boston, and, when we reached the destination, the driver threatened me that I have to pay twice as much as what metered read, because he had to go back to Boston. I was trying to handle the situation calmly, explaining to him that was not what I believed. After he threatened me to lock me in the cab and take me to the police (which we all know is a bluff), he started getting anxious and belligerent - cussing and banging on his clipboard and all. I felt physically threatened, so I opened the door and tried to jump out, and that's when he started jerking his car forward while my foot was half way out the door!! It was right there and then, that I knew I had to get the guy's name on the dashboard (who knows if I'd be beaten up or ran over), but all I can remember now was that it started with a K and the name ran off all the way towards the right. It must have been 30 characters long. Tough luck reporting this guy.

After calling MetroCab, they told me that the drivers work independently, so there wasn't must they could do about it. What a crock.

Scaring trusting a cabbie with your home address (Submitted by Jaz)

After a night of partying me and the guy I was dating took a cab home to his place. The next day the cab driver came back looking for me and told my friend that if we ever break up to pass on my number. Over the next few days he keep coming back looking for me. WTF really. Now I only take cabs from women I have my 3 favorite ladies programmed in my phone.

Qualification for a Cabbie? (Submitted by Rosemary)

OK, so we are in a resort in Disney World and want some groceries (fruit, oatmeal, etc. so we can save some money) and wanted a cab to a local grocery store. We took the shuttle to Downtown Disney and hopped in a cab. YOung guy driving. We tell him we want ot go the Winn Dixie which is like 2 miles away. We drive off, he sets the metre and he gets TOTALLY LOST. No clue where he is going. The metre is up to 15 bucks. Hope you turn that off I say. He calls in and gets directions. He still has no clue where his is going. We tell him we have to come to a deal here (there are 3 of us). He wound up taking us to the Win Dixie, waited for us and then took us back to our Disney Resort and got lost again. He was such a nice guy, though, that we went through a drive through and bought him an ice cream. Driving us around for 2 hours - 30 bucks (10 bucks each). Thanks Al!

Yes, you can (Submitted by Ange)

Can I tell a positive story? I took a cab to the commuter rail, and once I got on the train, I realized I had left my BlackBerry in the cab! After calling my phone a couple times, the driver heard it and answered, asking me where he could drop it off. Instead of stealing or ignoring it, he ended up returning it to the dorm for me! I wish I knew who he was and the cab company- a truly awesome cab driver right there.

It's not like Universal Studios is a popular destination... (Submitted by jennyw.)

Took a taxi from JWMarriott to universal studios Orlando, Fl August 2010. Should have taken 15 minutes. He got lost. wound up taking over 1 hour and we had to stop for directions twice.

Never reveal your hand until you are in the car! (Submitted by jennyw.)

I needed a cab late at night in Austin TX for a ride to a nearby hotel. I went to the first cab in the line and told him my destination. He didn't want to take me because he had been waiting in the line for a fair and I was only going 2 miles. I told the porter working the line on the sidewalk that he didn't want to take me and then the cabby got upset and agreed to do it. It was very unprofessional.

Kudos to the white woman (Submitted by Downtown Worker)

Yellow Cab # --removed-- at 5:40am this morning, Oct 29, 2008, refused me service because I was black, he told me before I could get into his car that the white woman behind me had hailed him. I walked back to the cab stand to catch another cab, she asked me what happened and I told her the cab driver refused me service because I was black. She did not take the cab either.

Cabbies know it best (Submitted by Tkff2343)

I was taking a taxi from Brighton to Logan Airport, and my cabbie blew through the Fast Lane going 65 mph. When I pointed this out to him, he said "the technology was built for 75 mph, so I am fine." I didn't see the Green Light come on, so I am thinking he is definitely wrong and will get a ticket with a photo of his license plate.

Cabbies know it best (Submitted by Kate)

Mine isn't a complaint at all. I was pregnant and in labor. On the way to the hospital the cabbie kept telling me to breathe. He pretty much carried me into the hospital and offered to stay with me. The next day there were a dozen roses sent to my room. I never knew his name-he signed the card "Cabbie and family"

Gun in Trunk (Submitted by Newyork traveller)

The first time I visited New York I was only 16. I had been traveling to do some modeling work, which was soon followed by some after-shoot clubbing. I quickly got in over my head, drank too much and partied until around 3am. Everyone else was still going strong when I headed out to grab a cab and head back to the hotel.

The cab driver seemed nice enough until we stopped outside on the freeway (yes, STOPPED)for no apparent reason. The cab driver got out and began digging around in his trunk. He quickly reappeared with a gun in tow, and seeing the shocked look on my face, explained that you never know what may happen. I kept looking around to see what in h*ll he was talking about. A scared 16 year-old girl or my hotel in one of the safest areas in the city? Or maybe he didn\'t think I would pay him, but a gun? Really?! It is too bad I was scared sh*tless and still a little drunk or else I would have been having a talk with his supervisor. Somehow, we made it to the hotel, he graciouslly excepted my money and disappeared. I have yet to experience anything as weird or frightening as that experience, and I hope to never repeat it! All I know is that I am glad I was not his next fare...

Taking advantage of foreigners (Submitted by JaiGanesh)

Recently I travelled from JFK airport to NewYork Penn station, I was seriously cheated by the Taxi driver who voleturely came and picked me.

Intially before taking the cab I asked him what will be the approximate fare, he told he will refer the book and finally told the charge will be 150$ and then toll tip.. i was shocked on hearing that as I know i travelled only 30 -40 min drive and it wont cost this much for sure.. I started argue with him and he started giving some irrelevent comments.

I know I was cheated but I am foreiger and I dont wannt to get into any caos.. he took advantage of this and started asking me 200$ finally.. I was helplelss and had no clue what to do.. but after the ride I felt very bad that I havent done anything other than abusing myself.. so thought atleast post my experience somewhere.

The following is the lesson I learnt on that day..

- If you are taking taxi get ask the final amount before taking the cab.

- Always prefer to go with prepaid taxi.

- if you are stucked in these kind of situation.. dont give the money.. first get into some place where you can see some cops.. and then thretean him that you will be complaining that to police...

- I pray no others riders should experience this bad...

Re:Taking advantage of foreigners (Submitted by JaiGanesh) (Submitted by Canadian Cabbie)

My complaint is people like you. YOU asked the driver how much the fare would cost . The driver told you the approximate fare price you asked for. You told the driver that cant be the price 1. how would you know? Remember your a foreigner. 2. If you didnt like the price you didnt have to get the ride. Also everyone please dont use his Great advice it will only cost you more money ( because i keep the meter running ) as you wait for the police. Also the police will be very pissed that you are wasting there time.

Just a quick stop...? (Submitted by Just a quick stop)

Taking a cab from O'Hare to my hotel in the Rolling Meadows area. I was surprised we didn't take the freeway, but the reason became obvious later.

After a while, the cabbie said "Ok, we are just leaving the Chicago city limits heading out toward Rolling Meadows. Hey bud, do you mind if I just make one quick stop to pick up something?"

He then pulled over and left me sitting in the cab at a gas station while he ran across to a Liquor and Tobacco shop. When he got back in he explained that Chicago has a horrible tax on cigarettes and it was much cheaper to buy them here.

I'm just so glad that I could help the poor guy take care of his own errands!

Estimated Fare: Turkey Sandwich (Submitted by Ari)

I was a 15 year old science nerd stranded in San Francisco with no street smarts, applying to an accelerated program at Stanford. I was all alone without money and I'd missed my bus to the airport, and was going to miss my flight home. I'd gotten a business card from this Arab cabbie who'd driven me from the airport a couple days before, and when I called him and explained my situation he remembered me, burned rubber out to the university, and blew through several red lights to get me to my plane. Stupid me, I hadn\'t even known to give him a tip the first time he'd driven me, but the second time I didn't even have enough money for the whole fare. All I could do was offer to give him my lunch which was a turkey sandwich from Safeway, and he accepted. That guy really helped me. I still remember his name, thank you Haji.

Complaining about myself (Submitted by Anon)

Im complaining about myself here. Last night I was incredibly intoxicated and didn't realize I didn't have my money. When we got to my apt I told the cabbie I would go inside and get cash. I went inside, ended up throwing up and didn't pay him. How can I find this person to pay him. I feel horrible for what happened!

"Never flag me down again.:)" (Submitted by the cabbi with a sense of humor)

i was taking a cab from the white house to my hotel at fort myer (yes its a hotel too). When we got there the car had to be searched. the cab got cleared but he told me to never flag him down again (sarcasm).

Particular police officer... (Submitted by TooMuchReality)

For a time, I took a cab, rather than drive my own car. I did this to avoid a particular police officer that worked in my area, who kept pulling me over for his own personal reasons (of course I was always alone when this happened). One night the cab driver and I got talking about my situation. It turned out he had been a police officer previously. He took the time to listen to my concerns about reporting the officer, and told me who to contact, in order to get the situation handled. For this, I will always be grateful.

Just another day at work (Submitted by Taxi Donny on Facebook)

not to toot my own cabhorn, but yes some cabbies are amazing and yes some are downright incomprehensible, i played crime fighter/taxidriver this past thursday nite in albany, ny. While driving a customer home from shopping, and proceeding thru a thin street in a bad neighborhood, had to bring the taxi to a stop when to my left on the sidewalk three youths were scattering from what i believed to be fireworks. then my customer and i noticed on the left, out pops two backseat passengers who had jumped out and were standing at the rear of the parked car, only 15 feet in front of me, and ripping off rounds from high powered handguns. one intended victim ran to use my taxi as a shield and broke my driver's sideview mirror off. the shooters jumped back in their car, my opportunity to proceed forward down the block, where i noticed albany's finest on bike patrol and yelled to the officer the make and color of the vehicle and occupied twice in back seat with big guns. slowed the driver down enough at the next intersection stop sign for bike officer to catch up indentify plate and the chase was on. thugs only made it 3 blocks before stopping and bolting. 2 out of 3 were caught in a basement they broke into for hiding. i had to be interviewed and pick out pics, correctly of the 2 shooters. like a seen from a gangland movie, with a happy ending--no one got shot(intended victims nor innocent bystanders) just the sidewalk and houses. rule number 1---always be aware of your surrondings in all situations"

Unlicensed Cadillac "Cab" (Submitted by Shirley)

While in town for some training I asked the hotel clerk if he could call a local cab so me and my kids could go to the NASA Space Center. Upon arriving, I became immediately sceptical since there were no markings of any sort on the cab, the windows were rolled down (later we found out no A/C) and mop haired woman sat behind the wheel with coke bottle glasses. When I asked if she was the cab and she replied, \\\"Yes, this is Cadillac Cab\\\". It wasn\\\'t even a cadillac! I felt it necessary to ask for credentials of some sort and it turns out she didn\\\'t even have a drivers license of any sort. I then asked for proof of insurance which was also not part of the deal. We quickly sent the hag on her way since we did not feel safe riding with someone who was unable to produce anything to assure us that they were legit. How could someone like this operate legally in the state of Texas? After some calls we did contact another cab service called DDD Transport which not only was marked but had all the licensing and air conditioning!

Toronto Cabbies at Union Square (Submitted by Ron)

Because of construction outside of Union Train Station in Toronto, there is a considerable amount of confusion re exactly where and how taxis line up. HOWEVER, taxi drivers are compounding the confusion by \"illegally\" asking prospective customers for the customer\'s destination. And if the driver doesn\'t deem the destination to their liking (read that as sufficiently far & thus more lucrative)then the driver will tell the customer to move on to another taxi. I literally approached 10 cabbies who were standing outside empty cabs if they would take my wife and I home to Cabbage Town and in each and every case, after they insisted that I first tell them where I was going, I was told to ask another driver.

Over the course of 10 minutes with zero takers, I discovered that there were at least 6 other people, mostly frustrated & disgusted tourists, in the very same position as myself.

My wife and I eventually walked several blocks from Union Station & did finally manage to successfully hail a cab (Gorl Rajeev Kumar D01 3959591).

This is a sad comment on the integrity & cordiality of Toronto cabbies.

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