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How much do taxis and rideshares cost? What are taxi rates in your city? Estimate your taxi fare anywhere, anytime.

With taxi rates and prices for more than 1000 international locations, Taxi Fare Finder is the proven, trusted trip companion for travelers around the world. Our estimates are carefully calibrated based on local taxi rates & actual taxi prices.

TaxiFareFinder's taxi fare estimates are known to be the most accurate of any taxi website. Find out why.

Now with Rideshare Support (like Uber and Lyft!) - How much does Uber cost? What are the rates and prices of Lyft? How do they compare against Taxis? To find out, try the new RideGuru website!

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Taxi Vs. Uber: A study on what travelers prefer

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Which is better, a traditional taxi or a rideshare like Uber?

Recently, the rideshare and taxi comparison website, RideGuru, released results to a comprehensive rideshare survey detailing how our society views rideshares, taxis, and other methods of ground transportation.

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Go-Jek - Bali Go-Jek - Bandung Go-Jek - Jakarta Go-Jek - Makasar Go-Jek - Surabaya Go-Car - Bali Go-Car - Balikpapan Go-Car - Banda Aceh Go-Car - Bandung Go-Car - Banjarmasin Go-Car - Banyuwangi Go-Car - Batam Go-Car - Belitung Go-Car - Bukittinggi Go-Car - Cilacap Go-Car - Cirebon Go-Car - Garut Go-Car - Jakarta Go-Car - Jambi Go-Car - Jember Go-Car - Karawang Go-Car - Lampung Go-Car - Madiun Go-Car - Madura Go-Car - Magelang Go-Car - Makassar Go-Car - Malang Go-Car - Manado Go-Car - Mataram Go-Car - Medan Go-Car - Mojokerto Go-Car - Padang Go-Car - Palembang Go-Car - Pasuruan Go-Car - Pekalongan Go-Car - Pematangsiantar Go-Car - Pontianak Go-Car - Probolinggo Go-Car - Purwakarta Go-Car - Purwokerto Go-Car - Salatiga Go-Car - Samarinda Go-Car - Semarang Go-Car - Serang Go-Car - Solo Go-Car - Sukabumi Go-Car - Sumedang Go-Car - Tasikmalaya Go-Car - Tegal Go-Car - Yogyakarta Go-Jek - Balikpapan Go-Jek - Banda Aceh Go-Jek - Banjarmasin Go-Jek - Banyuwangi Go-Jek - Batam Go-Jek - Belitung Go-Jek - Bukittinggi Go-Jek - Cilacap Go-Jek - Cirebon Go-Jek - Garut Go-Jek - Gresik Go-Jek - Jambi Go-Jek - Jember Go-Jek - Karawang Go-Jek - Kediri Go-Jek - Lampung Go-Jek - Madiun Go-Jek - Madura Go-Jek - Magelang Go-Jek - Malang Go-Jek - Manado Go-Jek - Mataram Go-Jek - Medan Go-Jek - Padang Go-Jek - Palembang Go-Jek - Pasuruan Go-Jek - Pekalongan Go-Jek - Pekanbaru Go-Jek - Pematangsiantar Go-Jek - Pontianak Go-Jek - Probolinggo Go-Jek - Purwakarta Go-Jek - Purwokerto Go-Jek - Salatiga Go-Jek - Samarinda Go-Jek - Semarang Go-Jek - Serang Go-Jek - Sidoarjo Go-Jek - Solo Go-Jek - Sukabumi Go-Jek - Sumedang Go-Jek - Tasikmalaya Go-Jek - Tegal Go-Jek - Yogyakarta
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