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How much do taxis and rideshares cost? What are taxi rates in your city? Estimate your taxi fare anywhere, anytime.

With taxi rates and prices for more than 1000 international locations, Taxi Fare Finder is the proven, trusted trip companion for travelers around the world. Our estimates are carefully calibrated based on local taxi rates & actual taxi prices.

TaxiFareFinder's taxi fare estimates are known to be the most accurate of any taxi website. Find out why.

Now with Rideshare Support (like Uber and Lyft!) - How much does Uber cost? What are the rates and prices of Lyft? How do they compare against Taxis? To find out, try the new RideGuru website!

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TaxiFareFinder News

Everything you need to know about taking a taxi in New York City 2019

New York City Taxi

Oh, New York! It’s not just America’s city, it’s the world’s city. People travel to New York City for work and for play from all over the world. It has captured the hearts of the millions who call it home and the millions more who have been there. The New York appeal is so prevalent people fall in love with it from pictures, through the television, or from stories. From the Empire State Building to Broadway to Time Square…


Taxi Cabs at Frankfurt Airport 2019

Frankfurt is an international financial hub and the fifth largest city in Germany. It is also a huge tourist attraction with the Goethe Museum, the Christmas Market, Altstadt, and so much more. Germany is a beautiful place to visit for the culture, history, scenery, food, and more. People are always flying in and out of Frankfurt airport on business or pleasure, so the Frankfurt airport sees quite a bit of comings and goings every day. With all the people at the airport, there has to be some options for transportation because not everyone has a friend who…


Taking a Taxi or Uber with Young Children, a 2019 Guide

Traveling with young children comes with a whole new set of challenges but that doesn't mean you shouldn't throw in the towel! It will take a little bit more research but the reward of seeing your little one explore the world is well worth it. Today we wanted to answer one of the most popular questions we receive, "How do I take a taxi with a baby or toddler?". "Do I need a car seat?". "Are their any ride services that are family friendly?".

These questions are very important but also…


Which is Cheaper, a Van Taxi or an Uber XL?

Planning logistics when traveling with a larger party can be quite frustrating and time consuming. Not to mention expensive! Our friends over at RideGuru did some research on whether a traditional Van Taxi or an Uber is cheaper for a group of 5 to 6 people. Keep reading to see their analysis.

First, what is a Van Taxi? A van taxi or minivan taxi is still a traditional yellow cab but instead of a sedan that can only seat up to 4 passengers, the car is a minivan that can…


Should I take a taxi or call an ambulance?

It is a natural reaction to immediately reach for your phone and call for an ambulance when you or a loved one is hurt. The safety and security that an ambulance provides can offer some reassurance that everything will be ok, or at least comfort in knowing that you will be taken care of properly.

But, unfortunately, an ambulance can also cost over a thousand dollars, even if you have insurance! For a ride that may…


Taxi Vs. Uber: A study on what travelers prefer

Which is better, a traditional taxi or a rideshare like Uber?

Recently, the rideshare and taxi comparison website, RideGuru, released results to a comprehensive rideshare survey detailing how our society views rideshares, taxis, and other methods of ground transportation.

The results were fascinating and more specifically the outcome of rider perception on the ever present "taxi vs. Uber" debate was quite surprising. It seems with all the talk and hoopla surrounding rideshares that taxis, sadly, are becoming a thing…


What is Cargo? The new service that puts extra cash in the hands of drivers.

As Taxi or Rideshare Driver, we know you're invested in finding the best ways to increase your earnings while on the road. One of our favorite ways to easily boost driver income is through Cargo, a platform that helps you earn more money by providing small products to your passengers.

Think of it as a free store inside your car that allows you to earn around an extra $100 per month!

  • Cargo is 100% free…


Auto Insurance Options for Rideshare and Taxi Drivers

Where can I get rideshare insurance? Do I need special auto insurance as a taxi driver? If you are a driver and you find yourself asking these questions, take a moment to read this article from RideGuru and understand what rideshare insurance covers and why it is important.

In most cases, if you drive a personal vehicle for a ridesharing application such as Uber or Lyft, the insurance policies provided by the rideshare companies will not cover you fully…


Tipping in Taxis around the World

Tipping culture can change drastically from one area of the world to the next. To avoid coming across as rude, take a look at this helpful article outlining how much to tip your taxi driver in over 40 countries around the world.

Abu Dhabi

How much to tip for taxis in Abu Dhabi?

Round off taxi fares to the nearest 5 AED ($1.36)


How much to tip for taxis in Austria?

10% over the meter fare


How much to tip for taxis in Australia?

Tipping isn't expected




RideGuru iPhone App, a Travelers Best Companion

Want to compare the cost of taxis, limos, Uber, Lyft and others while on the go? Wish there was one app that could hail any taxi or rideshare for you? Check out the new RideGuru iPhone app, the search engine for all rideshares.

The RideGuru iPhone and iPad application compares rideshare and taxi rates across hundreds of services (Uber, Lyft, Ola, Didi Kauidi, Fasten, traditional taxis, limo networks, etc) in thousands of cities worldwide to bring you the best deals no matter where you are traveling.

Not only…


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