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Taxi Rider Complaints

Rude driver? Unacceptable service or dispatch? Taken for a ride? You can unleash here.

This page is meant to be a bulletin board and is not necessarily monitored by the website editors. Please be aware and be sensitive of the content you include. Note to Readers: The posting maybe *AS IS* as editors of the site do not review each submission. TaxiFareFinder.com is not responsible for the content of these listings.

Disclaimer: This is not an official way of submitting your complaints. Your submission will not be delivered to the taxicabs, companies, or the authorities. However, it maybe published and shared with other visitors of this website. We reserve the right to hide and/or alter any information.
Taxi Complaints (Beta)


Went from Waltham to Littleton via the longest route possible and had to pay $120 instead of $40 or so! And the cabbie was a retired professor. No wonder this country suffers these scams! (by DonDothat! on 9/20/2008)

Hynes Convention Center to Porter Square. $40. Boston Taxi. WTF. I swear the cabbie took a long way around Harvard Square.

Taking a taxi from Kendall area to Logan is a ripoff. The flat rate is $25, but the trip takes 10 minutes. That sure sounds expensive for such a short ride. I once stayed towards Museum of Science (at Sonesta), which is even closer to the airport, and they still charged me flat rate from "Kendall." Someting isn't right. ...plus, I don't have any other choice, because the subway in Boston is so piss poor.

I called for a cab 2 hours before needed and the driver called me TWELVE TIMES and the cab wasn't even for me. The person who wanted the cab had to cancel last minute and Metro Cab of Boston left a HORRIBLE and disgustingly vulgar voicemail on my work phone. I shared with the entire company how bad they are. I wrote the manager but no response. I'd rather be mounted by a rabid dog than call this place again... (by METRO CAB Boston is AWWWWWFUL!!!! on 11/10/2011)


Last Saturday night, March - 24Th - 2012 around 11:40 PM my fiancee and myself were walking the Cleveland Circle area when we almost got ran over by a Brookline Red Cab driver who charged against us as we were crossing the street along the designated area for pedestrians. We were exactly half way the white crossing lines when this driver appeared out of nowhere at very high speed which makes us think he was intending to run the traffic light and certainly showed the attempt to keep going and maneuver to pass by our side. All that rush, insane driving and high risk of causing an accident to literally stop few yards away from us, in front of Cityside Bar to drop off passengers.

To give more details about the driver, he was a black male driving a Brookline Red Cab vehicle with plate ending in # 182. I believe the full plate # was 25182

People and business alike should not be in business if they can not offer a minimum of safety and costumer service to the general public. And the law should be highly enforced to protect the consumer. How the hell, heaven or earth these people get a license to operate in this area??? I just move to Boston from a another state and I am in shock!!! with all the crap that I have experienced living here in a short time. (by Nefertiti F on 03/27/2012)


I TOOK A TAXI FROM O HARE AIRPOR TO LA QUINTA INN - OAKBROOK TERRACE 1S666 MIDWEST ROAD, OAKBROOK TERRAce, il, 60181 -4429. the meter showed $ 40/-. but, he chargrd me $ 60/- in stead of regular around $ 35-36. why he has charged me so much - i did not understand? on enquiry- the driver said chicago taxis charge 150% of the fare shown on meter. THE TAXI NO. AS SHOWN INSIDE THE CAB WAS - 5565. ANY ONE CAN HELP PL. (by N.K.VIJAYA on 10/12/2008)

Yellow Cab # 4294 at 5:40am this morning, Oct 29, 2008, refused me service because I was black, he told me before I could get into his car that the white woman behind me had hailed him. I walked back to the cab stand to catch another cab, she asked me what happened and I told her the cab driver refused me service because I was black. She did not take the cab either. (by Downtown Worker on 10/29/2008)

Our car was turning left onto Archer... pedestrians were in the crosswalk in far right lane; taxi # 3276 (burgundy Prius) was turning right onto Archer and veered into our lane to cut around the pedestrians in the intersection. I threw up my hands in frustration (I did not use any inappropriate gestures or language) and the cab driver maliciously slammed on his brakes almost causing me to rear end his taxi. When he turned he clearly saw my wife and infant in the back seat but drove recklessly regardless. (by Adom on 11/14/2011)

Stay away from All American Taxi! Got in van for a $22 fare. When were inside and driving off, I asked to confirm rate and was told $60. I told him that I never paid more than $30, he stayed quiet the whole time. I gave him the $60, but never again. All American Ripoff! (be warned) (by Joe Smith on 12/16/2011)


I needed a cab late at night in Austin TX for a ride to a nearby hotel. I went to the first cab in the line and told him my destination. He didn't want to take me because he had been waiting in the line for a fair and I was only going 2 miles. I told the porter working the line on the sidewalk that he didn't want to take me and then the cabby got upset and agreed to do it. It was very unprofessional. (by UTC-8)


I went with Yellow/Checker/Sun cab (driver K. Malik) from Baltimore's Inner Harbor to BWI. The fare posted on the back seat for this ride is $27. However, the driver insisted, very aggressively, on getting paid $41. (by K. Malik on 6/20/2008)


I just shared a Beck cab with 3 people from Yonge and Bloor to Yonge and Lawrence. The cab driver thought it fair to charge us a "flat rate" of 40$ This fare usually costs about 14-16$ The subway was broken down and this cabbiewas an opportunist. I will never use this cab service again for myself or any of my clients. I am very disappointed with this type of behaviour. I will be forwarding this email to the better business bureau as well. (by Anonymous on 9/17/2008)


in 2009 I was in Philly to take a test. I got off the train station at market street and had no idea where I was going. I frantically hoped in a cab and was also talking to my friend that I might be late. Well I got to the building I look in my purse and I realize my cell phone is gone and I left it in the cab car because I was using my cell in there, and was in such a rush I wasn't thinking. So I had the guy's card in my wallet, I ask if my phone is in his cab, he puts me on hold for about 15 minutes and tells me it is not in there. He stole my phone took the sim out and after I called my phone was shut off.He tried lying and said that it fell in the street. Never take a white cab in Philly. They will steal your belongings! (by Lostcellgal)


I am trying to get to Seatac and it is pouring down rain(what do you expect, it is Seattle). I had dropped my car at my parking spot and the dispatcher tells me 30 mins. After 45 mins I call back and she says it will be at least another 45 mins. I said you originally told me 30 mins and she says "so call another cab company" and hangs up on me. (by zo6 lady)

New York

I was going to a art show opening....I told the cab where I was going,I gave him the complete Address and said IN BROOKLYN, from NY PENN. HE started to go to BAYARD STREET up toen not in Brooklyn. Then ...HE drove in Circles,and hollered at me. HE dropped me off, On a DARK Street ADJACENT TO THE PARK (very nice park) HE had 2 charges there ,on his device,One was $16.00 the Other $21.00 I gave him a $20.00 and a $10.00 $30.00 cash..he refused to give me change, and LEFT ME DEMANDED I GET OUT? I was pleasant, and happy UNTILL I REALIZED I WAS NOT GETTING MY CHANGE BACK and being dropped off in the Middel of no where! I TOOK A PHOTO OF HIS ID, on the back of the front seats.... WHAT SHOULD I DO? (by Linda ann on 11/5/2011)

Manchester, NH

I was visiting Manchester NH for a few days and took several taxis over a few days with this cab company. Some of the drivers proved to be reliable, polite individuals, apart from a couple of gentlemen who forced me to listen to loud rap music in the cab the whole trip. There is only one tourist attraction in Manchester, the Currier Museum, and the driver I got stuck with from Manchester Taxi didn't even know where it was. I told him the address as soon as I got in the taxi, and he proceeded to rather trust the crosstalk from the radio of several of his colleagues throwing out guesses of what they thought the address was. I had an appointment to see the Frank Lloyd Wright house, and could not be late, Manchester Taxi cannot be relied upon to know even the most basic tourist attractions of their own small town. If you want to get in a taxi that gets lost in a small town, or be forced to listen to gangsta rap at high volume, call this pathetic taxi company.

What was a hit and miss experience with Manchester Taxi turned into an all out unacceptable and deplorable customer service joke on the day I was leaving Manchester.

I called just as I had every day for the past few days of my stay in Manchester, the number on the card for Manchester Taxi the first driver (who was very good) had given me. I was relatively pleased with the service up to now, and was willing to forgive the driver who got lost on the way to the Currier Museum the day before. I thought I would call this company, and they would promptly send a cab to my hotel just as they had in previous days.

I made the mistake of calling on New Year's Day, when I guess the regular, polite, dispatcher who answers the phone was having a day off. Instead, when I called I heard on the other end of the line the terse and indifferent tone of voice of a young woman who said simply 'Taxi'. I asked for a taxi to be sent to my hotel. She said 'no'. I said 'what do you mean, no?'. She told me she was 'joking'. I told her this was a confusing thing to say to Manchester Taxi's customers, the call ended after I was told a taxi would be sent to my hotel.

I waited half an hour, no taxi. I was relying on this company to get my to my motor coach connection out of town, and I could not be late. At the half hour mark I called Manchester Taxi back. The same young woman, with the same appalling phone demeanor answered the call. I asked her where the taxi was, and when it would be coming. She brazenly simply hung up on me.

I called back. I told her this was no way to treat the company's customers, and that I had never encountered any problems with the phone operators of the company during the rest of my visit to Manchester when I used this company a lot. She hung up.

I called back. I asked her why she was being so rude, and 'joking' and wasting my time and that I had to be at my destination to leave town within the hour. I could sense there was something very amiss, something very unusual about this phone operator for Manchester Taxi, as I had spoken to at least two other ladies who dispatch taxis for this company and they were both very professional and helpful.

My suspicions were confirmed that this young lady phone operator was not just another employee, who had an incentive to be polite and professional lest she lose her job. I wanted to understand why all of a sudden someone answering the phones at Manchester Taxi felt she could be so downright hostile to the customers and mess them around. I told her I would like to speak to her supervisor. The rude young lady informed me that 'her father owns Manchester Taxi and she can do what she likes'.

Ah ha! I now had my answer. It was New Year's Day and the owner of Manchester Taxi had let his entitled little princess of a daughter man the phones, and she obviously felt she had nothing to lose by messing customers around, confusing them, and being outright hostile to them by lying and claiming she was sending out a cab, then purposefully ignoring the request for a cab, and repeatedly hanging up on customers.

I got a call back to my cell phone, from a man, her father, the owner of this unprofessional taxi company. He started cursing and verbally abusing me over the phone. He made no attempt to apologize, or let me explain what I had encountered during my fruitless attempt to get his daughter to dispatch a cab to my hotel. I know his name, it is listed in the financial reports the company filed with the state regulators. He threatened me so I have chosen not to name him.

A quick search of the state government of New Hampshire business registry for Manchester Taxi shows the company is listed as 'Not In Good Standing', which does not surprise me given the fact they treat their customers like animals.


Thankfully another cab company in town came to rescue and I got where I needed to go. I urge any visitor to call any of Manchester Taxi's competitors instead of them.




They hate their customers. (by Derek Jennings on 1/1/2012)

Nashville, TN

We are California residents with a part-time home in Nashville. Last year we called Allied for the 8 minute ride to BNA for a trip to Canada. In spite of a 30 minute estimate they had not arrived 90 minutes later. We ended up taking our own vehicle and it cost us $150 for the week in quick-choice airport parking.

Today, with plenty of time to spare we decided to call them (foolishly) again. We called at 4:09 pm for a 5:50 flight (we are 8 minutes from the airport). At 4:40 we called to say we had no ride. The dispatcher said the driver had called in a pick up for us 15 minutes ago (not true). She said she would prioritize our trip. 20 minutes later a text message gave us the number of the oncoming cab. At 5:00 pm another text announced another cab was approaching. At 5:35 we had to call and tell the airline we would not make the flight. They had no other flights tonight and the two seats they had for tomorrow would not accept our frequent flyer coupon. It would cost us $1050.00 to take the same flight...a day later. We ended up booking flights to a city two hours away from where our car is parked. That cost us $620.00 in airfare; another day of pet care and parking.

I will never, ever, use Allied or Nashville Cab and am hoping Music City will at least honor their commitment. We shall see. (by T. A. on 03/22/2012)

I received bad customer service called at 7:30 requesting a driver to pick up my mother to be taken to get some lab work done her pick up time was 10:00 requested that the driver spoke Spanish and was told no problem, around 9:45 Elsa from City Cab called me asking me for the address because my mother didn't understand that he needed the address, so I gave her the information .

I called again and spoke with Maria because I was concern how was my mother going to know how much to pay because she had a taxi voucher for $11:00 she told me that there was not going to be a problem they were going to send him a message explaining.

Well my mother was drop off at the wrong location she had to walk 1 block, and the taxi driver refused to take the voucher.

Also she was overcharged because the distance from my house to the place is only 8 miles and she was charged for 10.

I spoke with Deby Waters General Manager and he said the driver taught it was a check not a voucher that's why he didn't accepted the voucher and also he walked my mother to the place, (since when do a taxi driver do this?)

At the end the General manager told he his driver has being in the company for many years and that he believed the driver so in a few words he told me my mother was lying.

I just want to share my experience with CITY CAB, poor customer service and believe he took advantage of my mother just because of the language barrier. (by Heidi Salguero on 4/20/2012)

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