Testimonial Friday- RideGuru Rideshare Comparison

Testimonial-Friday-2Happy Testimonial Friday! Hear what Dan has to say about his experience with TaxiFareFinder!

“One time I was traveling to a different country and I had no idea how the transportation system worked there. I was nervous about calling a taxi or an Uber without knowing how much it would cost me. I used the Ride Guru rideshare comparison and it helped me figure out exactly how much my ride would cost! Thanks TaxiFareFinder for helping my travel experience more enjoyable.”

Thank you for your kind words, Dan!

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Fun Facts about Taxis around the World!

Film Scene Friday 11


1. Apparently, in England, there’s a Town Police Clauses Act of 1847 that some interpret as a permit that allows one to urinate on a London taxi’s left rear wheel provided that the driver’s right hand was touching the cab. The Law Commission refutes this interpretation, but many still debate it. Strange.

2. Sabine Schmitz is a professional motor racing driver for BMW. She also is a taxi driver, earning her the title of the fastest taxi driver in the world. She can drive 20.8km in 9 minutes.

3. The world’s longest taxi ride was completed by three university friends who clocked over 43,000km at a price tag of almost 80,000 pounds on the taximeter. Luckily, as the trio was driving the car themselves they never had to pay the fare!

4. Additionally, the same trio as mentioned above also took home the world record for highest altitude reached in a taxi – over 5,000m!

5. Ever wonder why London black cabs have such tall roofs? In England, there used to be a law that stated taxicabs had to be tall enough for a passenger to sit comfortably while wearing a bowler hat.

6. The first women cab driver in the city of New York was in 1925. By the late 1960s, one out of every ten drivers was female! Now, however, less than one in a hundred New York cab drivers are women.

7. In Japan, the left, rear, taxi door opens automatically for passengers! The driver has a button up front that allows him to open the door from the driver seat.

8. A London black cab can turn on a “two pence” with a turning circle of only 25ft!

9. The composer for the movie “Taxi Driver” died only a few hours after finishing recording the film’s soundtrack. He was posthumously nominated for an Oscar.

10. In Finland, taxi drivers are required by law to pay a fee if they play music in their cars while ferrying customers! Their music fees amount to about $40 a year.




Testimonial Friday – Skeptical about Taxis

Testimonial-Friday-2Happy Testimonial Friday! Hear what Molly has to say about TaxiFareFinder!

“At first I was skeptical about ordering a taxi because I heard they were expensive, but after I used the fare calculator at TaxiFareFinder.com I was able to see how much the taxi would cost before I ordered it! It’s a great service and would recommend.”

Thank you, Molly!

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7 Unusual Taxis You Don’t See Every Day

  1. A bike taxi painted and decorated like a piece of artwork!colorful small
  2. A high-speed Mercedes taxi cab with a futuristic look futuristic
  3. Hello Kitty decorated taxi! Whiskers and all! hello kitty
  4. This taxi that operates on land AND water!land and water
  5. A taxi with a sound quality like this one!

speaker6. This can’t be a time traveling taxi.. can it?

time travel

7. This trendy taxi makes me want to take a ride to the mall! trendy

Testimonial Friday – Rideshares in the City


It’s Friday! Time for another testimonial, this time from someone who uses rideshares a lot in different cities! Hear what Claudia has to say:

“I love to travel from city to city in the U.S., and TaxiFareFinder is super helpful for me because I don’t know these cities well, and I always need help getting around. The taxi fare and rideshare cost estimates on TaxiFareFinder.com are very accurate and help me budget my travels!”

Thanks for sharing, Claudia!

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