8 Travel Tips to Plan Ahead of Time

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travel tips to plan ahead of time

Heading on a trip soon for an early Holiday excursion? Even if you’re not, we wanted to share a list of useful tips to use whenever you are traveling, even just for the weekend! Many people start their adventures without thinking about what to do before they leave to make the most of their time, and we are here to give you some helpful things to do before you hop on the plane.

travel tips to plan ahead of time

  1. Check into your flight ahead of time. Most Airlines will allow you to check into your flight before you get to the Airport, which can help you avoid some of the long lines once you get to the Airport.
    planning ahead for travel
  2. Staying in a hostel or Airbnb? Make sure you purchase travel size commodities ahead of time, and remember that you can bring up to 3 ounces on an airplane, so most travel sizes will fit! This will make it easier so you don’t have to find a convenience store once you get there (it may also be more expensive to purchase if you wait).travel tips
  3. If you’re going to a non-English speaking country, it’s important that you have at least basic knowledge and understanding of the language they speak so you are able to communicate at an elementary level when necessary. Purchasing a language book may also be helpful!planning travel ahead of time
  4. Purchase a nice, durable backpack to carry around with you at all times. This makes it easy to carry snacks, water, and additional clothes you may need while exploring the area you are traveling. With a organized packed backpack hopefully you won’t have to go back to your Airbnb the whole day and can focus on your adventures!
    planning a trip ahead of time
  5. This sounds old school, but printing out a map of the area you are going is always very useful in exploring a new city, especially if you won’t be able to use cell service! Let yourself get lost in exploring for a little while, but let the map guide your way back.
    schedule uber ahead of time
  6. Traveling to a destination without a vehicle? One of the most important things to arrange ahead of time is your transportation arrangements. You can even use our taxi fare calculator that will help you calculate the cost and duration of your taxi ahead of time. And if you’re looking for a comparison of different rideshare companies in the area, try out Ride Guru to relieve the stress that transportation can be.order money ahead of time
  7. Order Currency! Check with your credit card providers first to see if they charge any international fees (most do, usually 3%). If they don’t have a charge, you may not need to order currency ahead of time but it is a must if you will not be able to use your credit card without a fee. Go to your local bank to exchange money at the least expensive rate. Also, always check that you are receiving the correct currency amount based on the current exchange rate (available through Google or sites like x-rates).proactive travel tips
  8. Don’t forget to pack your passport and any other legal travel documents you need! If you’re going on an extended stay, make sure you have some type of insurance as well.

Oh, and one last thing, enjoy your trip! Make the most of your time spent and challenge yourself to adventure in places you never dreamed of exploring.



Top 5 Places to Take a Taxi This Fall

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Summer is over and it’s no longer perfect weather for the beach. Have no fear, there are still so many places to go this fall! No matter what city you live in, there is a place for you to take your taxi. So hop into Fall and enjoy the ride!


  1. Apple Picking: ‘Tis the season of fresh crisp apples! Even if you’re from the city, there is bound to be an apple orchard nearby, and a taxi can always take you there! Enjoy the fruit, and don’t forget to grab a cider donut on your way out!hot-air-balloon
  2. Hot Air Balloon Ride: Although this is not your every-day fall activity, riding in a hot air balloon ride is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you will want to try this fall. Make a day out of it and enjoy the beautiful view! tailgate
  3. Your local football game: Even if you’re not a sports fan, make sure to at least stop by your local football game and tailgate, if only for the food. This is a staple event of fall and a can’t-miss experience. potluck
  4. Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner: Come one, come all! A potluck dinner is an awesome event to have in the fall, so talk with your friends and plan a group gathering! And don’t worry about driving through the city with your mashed potatoes — grab a taxi for a no-worry drive!foliage2
  5. Foliage at the park: Last but not least, make sure you take some time to enjoy the changing scenery around you! Fall is everywhere, and it goes by quickly, so make sure you don’t miss it!

Wherever you go this fall, know that TaxiFareFinder is there as a resource.  Find your fare on our website and enjoy!

Top Places to Take a Taxi in Maui, Hawaii

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Are you taveling to the wonderful island of Maui, Hawaii? Here is a list of some of the top places you should take your taxi!

Old Lahaina Luau


If you are looking to experience the Hawaiian culture, this is a must! This all-encompassing experience provides a taste of the culture and history that brought Hawaii to where it is today. You get to taste the food, and watch the awesome performances while having a fun time. Make your reservation as soon as you plan your trip! Don’t worry, your taxi driver will most likely be very familiar with the location!

Website: https://www.oldlahainaluau.com/

Mama’s Fish House


This is the place to go if you want to taste authentic and delicious cuisine. Each day the fisherman bring in a order of fresh fish that they caught that day, and it is eaten within 24 hours. It doesn’t get more fresh than that!

Website: http://www.mamasfishhouse.com/

UFO Parasail


When traveling to Hawaii you should definitely make sure you go on some adventures and try new things. There are so many unique activities that Hawaii has to offer. Although you can go parasailing in many different places, the experience of parasailing over the clear blue waters surrounding the islands will be incomparable!

Website: http://www.ufoparasail.net/

Black Rock Beach Snorkeling


Another great adventure and a MUST when you’re visiting Hawaii. Ask your taxi to take you too a cool snorkeling spot such as Black Rock Beach! You can rent snorkels for less than $10 an hour or $20 for the whole day!

Hana (the journey)


The road to Hana is a day-long journey in and of itself. If you’re visiting Hawaii and not renting a car, ask your taxi driver to take you on the road to Hana, at least for a little while. The entire trip to Hana can take up to a full day, but it’s all about the journey, and not the destination, so even if you only drive for an hour the scenery and landscape on this road is amazing!

Merriman’s Restaurant


Talk about a view. This restaurant not only has some of the best tasting fish on the island, but the view is incredible. A little pricey, but definitely worth taking a taxi to this incredible restaurant.

Website: https://www.merrimanshawaii.com/

Island Style Adventures Surf School

CompanyLogoEspecially if you have never been surfing before, we recommend taking your taxi to a surf school like Island Style Adventures. These lessons will teach you the basics of surfing, and most people stand on the board in their first lesson!

Honolulu Cookie Company

1366692046Honolulu Cookie CompanyThese shortbread cookies are unlike any yummy treat you will taste on the island. They come in many different flavors, so we recommend visiting one of their store locations and trying out some of the free samples they have!

Website: http://www.honolulucookie.com/

Skyline Eco Adventures Zipline

ziplineLast but certainly not least, if you’re in the area make sure you ask your taxi driver to take you ziplining. There is no better way to see the island than from hanging on a cord above the beautiful land. Skyline Eco Adventures is one of the best out there, with 8 different ziplines to offer!

Website: https://www.oldlahainaluau.com/

We hope you enjoyed our recommendations! The next time you plan your trip to Hawaii, make sure you use our site http://www.taxifarefinder.com to take you to these awesome sites and restaurants!

Have any other cool places to visit? Comment below!

Testimonial Friday 7.29

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It’s Friday! Time for another testimonial from a frequent TaxiFareFinder user, Casey!

“I use TaxiFareFinder all the time. I introduced it to all of my friends and they love it too! We’re in college so we’re always trying to save money, so the taxi fare calculator at TaxiFareFinder.com is a great help to know how much our taxi will cost us beforehand!”

Thank you for using TFF, Casey!

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Testimonial Friday 7.22.16

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Happy #TestimonialFriday! We have a special testimonial from a TaxiFareFinder fan, Sam!

“I have had so many great experiences using TaxiFareFinder.com. It’s just so convenient and easy to use, all I have to do is type in my location and where I want to go, and it gives me a fare estimate in seconds! Definitely sharing it with my family and friends.”

Thanks for using TaxiFareFinder, Sam!

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Testimonial Friday 7.15.16

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Happy #TestimonialFriday! Leah was excited to share her experience using TaxiFareFinder–

“I love using the TaxiFareFinder calculator to figure out the cost of my ride, it really helps me save money and know how much I need to budget for travel expenses! It has just become part of my routine to use the calculator before I order a cab. I like using the RideGuru calculator too that helps me compare the cost of different rideshare companies and taxis!”

Thanks for using TaxiFareFinder, Leah!

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Testimonial Friday 6.17.16!

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Happy #TestimonialFriday! Hear what one of our fans, Allie, had to say about TaxiFareFinder.com!

“My experience using TaxiFareFinder was awesome. It came in very useful when I was traveling in California, and I found that the taxi rates were very accurate when I used the calculator to get a cab estimate! Now I know to use it whenever I am planning my trips, which will come in useful when I travel in Europe next year. I also love TaxiFareFinder because of the awesome #AnimalTaxiMonday posts– they make me laugh!”

Thanks, Allie!

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