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Category Archives: Rideshares News & Information

uber location

Why does Uber want to track your location?

We love it when Uber tracks our rides, but our every move? Not so much! With Uber’s recent update, the app now has permissions to track your whereabouts even when…

Disney Taxi

Save Extra Cash on Your Next Trip with RideGuru

  We love how our fans use TaxiFareFinder to continually find the price of their taxi rides around the globe. We are consistently getting feedback through our support inbox, social…


More than One Taxi Company Shows it’s Possible to Compete with Ridesharing’s Big Two

Fast Taxi of Albany, NY has just launched a full service transportation app to compete with the outdated taxi system currently in place in Albany, a city where Uber and…

lost item in uber

Is Uber Riskier than Taxis?

If you need a ride to get somewhere, you may naturally reach for your phone and order an Uber or a Lyft. While there are many benefits of rideshare companies,…

Help Us to Keep Rideshares Transparent!

With the release of our new site, RideGuru, the TaxiFareFinder/RideGuru team has become passionate about bringing transparency to the ridesharing community. Rideshares, such as Uber and Lyft, have their benefits…


Learn how to use RideGuru’s fare comparison calculator

With the recent release of Ride.Guru, we wanted to create a helpful guide for TaxiFareFinder fans looking to use the new and improved fare comparison calculator. Follow the steps below…


Everything You Need to Know About Uber

Everything you need to know about Uber, including where they got funding, what cities they operate in, their competitors, and what services they offer. Are we missing anything? Comment below!


[Infographic] Uber By the Numbers

We dug into the numbers behind Uber’s explosive growth – to see how many people are working for and using the rideshare service! Check out our quick infographic on the…

Uber Story

The Uber Story; An Infographic

Looking to hail an Uber? Check out where you can estimate the price of your Uber car, check to see if surge pricing is enacted in your area, and…


Can you schedule rides in advance with Uber?

Can I schedule a ride with Uber in advance? The answer is, finally, Yes! According to a recent blog post on Uber’s newsroom, Russell Dicker, an Uber product head, stated:…

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