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Category Archives: What The Uber Fridays


What The Uber?! Uber Gets Hacked!

Happy What The Uber Friday! We are used to hearing about Ubers impending court cases and underhanded fights with taxi companies, but recently there have been rumblings that Uber may…


What The Uber?! Criminals Pose as Uber Drivers!

The other day I was waiting on a busy street in Boston for my Uber car to arrive when I saw a car pull up that was the same make…


What The Uber?! Jay Leno (and his chin!) Drive for Uber!

How cool would it be to have an Uber car pull up to your house, and when you step inside you find yourself face to face with a Celebrity Uber…


What The Uber?! Uber Creates Star Wars Stormtrooper Cars

If you follow the Star Wars saga even slightly then you will be aware that last Friday was Force Friday, the first day that new Memorabilia from Star Wars: The…


What The Uber?! Get Your Drink On with UberWINE

We all know that Uber loves creating new services from UberX to UberXL, UberGO, UberSUX, UberLUX, UberBlack, etc. The list goes on and on and it appears as though there…


What The Uber?! Uber is in Hot Water in China

Recently, Uber has been struggling to gain ground within the rideshare market in China, with frustrating setbacks including having their Chinese headquarters raided by officials to being blocked on WeChat,…


What The Uber?! Uber Hired 25 Drivers with Criminal Records Including a Murderer!

Another weekly What The Uber story about how Uber isn’t as thorough as they should be when conducting background checks of their potential drivers! The San Francisco district attorney’s office…


What The Uber?! Uber “Mistakenly” Hires a Convict

It is time for our weekly What The Uber story and this week we want to hear your opinions on the current Uber Dallas situation. For those who are unfamiliar,…


What The Uber?! Road Rage Brawl

Happy What The Uber Friday Folks! This week a couple of Uber drivers have earned our coveted What The Uber spot by brawling in the middle of rush hour traffic…


What The Uber?! Uber Tricks Riders with Phantom Cars

  If you are an avid Uber user, then you know the wonderful feeling you get when you turn on your app to hail a ride and notice a slew…

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