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Category Archives: Taxi Humor


Oh La La! Taxi Drivers Strip Down for a Good Cause

Looking for a unique gift to give your NYC dwelling friend this holiday season? If you want to send a laugh, look no further than The 2017 NYC Taxi Drivers…

The rear end of a Ferrari FXXK.

10 Insanely Fascinating Rides!

  1. A 1942 Harley-Davidson Flathead U74 and a rare 1956 Side-car. 2. Stuck between eras… 3. Crazy driver or street art? 4. Dior Taxi 5. Robo-Cab 6.  The funeral…


Our Favorite Halloween Taxis

With only 2 days left until Halloween we thought we would share our favorite Halloween inspired taxi cabs! Whether these decked out cabs are cute, funny, or terrifying, they are…

chicago 1946

TaxiFareFinder’s Best Kept Secret…Until Now!

TaxiFareFinder is known for providing the public with estimated taxi and rideshare fares for almost anywhere in the world from Canberra, Australia to Cork, Ireland but did you know that…

rules for hailing taxi pic

10 “Rules” for Hailing a Taxi!

1. Make it clear you’re looking for a ride, and not just saying hi!    2. Have a clear final destination in mind, drivers don’t want you to “wing it”…


Ridiculous Taxi Stories

Whether your cab driver drove through Manhattan like a speed demon or tried to humor you with knock knock jokes, we have all had at least one interesting taxi story…


The Cleverest of All Taxi Cons

We have to admit this is a pretty clever con! Read how these passengers conned their taxi driver out of paying a €140 fare using only a mannequin. #manne-con

bears on bear

Our Top 15 Favorite Animal Taxi Pictures

Do you love animals? Do you love taxis? Every Monday our Facebook page posts a new animal taxi picture that is sure to brighten away those Monday blues. Check out…


Back Seat Confessional by Dmitry Samarov

Something about sitting in a taxi inspires people to unburden themselves. The stories often begin before their butts even hit the back seat. Like the confessional curtain, a cab door…


The Night Before Christmas by Bob Gersztyn

One of my favorite nights to drive a cab was Christmas Eve, because for the most part it was a happy night with generous passengers. Unfortunately some people needed to…

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