Top Tips to Avoid Taxi Scams While Traveling Internationally

taxi scam

While most taxi cab drivers are honest, hard working individuals, there are always a few who may try to pull the wool over their customers eyes. Unfortunately, running into taxi scams while traveling, especially to an unfamiliar place is fairly common. It is important to do you due diligence in researching your expected taxi routes, rules, and fares before traveling so you will be more alert if anything seems fishy. Here are our top tips for avoiding a taxi scam.

1. Research, Research, Research

As we briefly mentioned above, research is your best friend when traveling. When it comes to taking taxis, it helps to know an estimate of how much your taxi should cost as well as any surcharges that you can expect on your trip. You can use TaxiFareFinder to find your fare estimate and then print the page out or save it onto your phone so you can refer to it while traveling. If you act knowledgeable about how much the fare should cost when first entering your taxi, the chances are slim that your driver will still try to scam you.

Some other pieces of information you may want to have on hand are a map with an ideal travel route, expected surcharges, and the starting amount that should be on the meter when you first enter the taxi.

2. Take pictures

Take pictures of your taxi, driver’s name, and taxi license number. With a licensed taxi these should all be found easily on the outside of the taxi or in plain sight from the back seat of the taxi. Hopefully, you will not need this information but if you do have an issue this will make filing your complaint much simpler!

3. Bring small bills!

A common scam by taxi drivers around the world is to claim that they do not have change for you at the end of the ride. Try to avoid overpaying for your fare by carrying lots of ones and fives! If you do not have any small bills, try to find a taxi with a working credit card machine or hop in a convenience store and buy a small item such as a pack of gum in order to get change.

4. Prepare to negotiate

Many taxis around the world use meters, a per mile and per minute fare calculation, but some places still do not use meters. These locations rely on a flat rate payment method in which you will settle on a fare with your driver before you get into your cab. Here is where your pre-trip research will pay off! If you know that the fixed fare from the airport to downtown is $20, you can turn down a driver’s suggestion of a $30 fare with confidence. Do not get into the vehicle until you have agreed on a fare you are comfortable paying. A good place to do some research on local fares is either through the TaxiFareFinder Calculator or by asking some locals on the RideGuru Forum.

Another scam that is similar to above and important to note is the “broken meter” scam in which the driver pretends the meter is broken and tells you what the fare will be. The fare usually turns out to be higher than the metered fare. Do not get into a taxi with a broken meter unless you negotiate the fare ahead of time and believe it to be reasonable!

5. Save your receipt!

Make sure to always get a receipt from your driver that shows the amount you paid. If you need to file a claim you will be asked to provide your receipt.

Hopefully, your next taxi journey will go smoothly without any scam induced headaches but if you ever feel uneasy in a taxi remember you can always get out! There are plenty of taxis to choose from, it is not worth dealing with a poor driver!

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TaxiFareFinder Releases New Mobile Site (Press Release)

Our TaxiFareFinder team is excited to announce our newly optimized mobile-friendly website! Designed with our “on the go” fans in mind, the new site is user friendly and easy to navigate from all mobile and tablet devices. The new mobile-friendly site is organized vertically with buttons in the top menu that will bring a user directly to their desired place on the site allowing for quick and easy access to our many features. Also, the TO and FROM location boxes that help a user find an estimated fare are prominently shown to ensure easy access and quick taxi fare results. Try out our new mobile-friendly site today on your mobile or tablet device to see how simple it is to find rates and fares on the go!

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Boston, Massachusetts – November, 2015 – TaxiFareFinder launched a newly optimized mobile-friendly website that offers information and resources to taxi and rideshare travelers. Designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, the new site provides users with all the tools they need to quickly find fare estimates on the go.

The innovative new site has a responsive design that works well with mobile and tablet devices. After researching their user base, the TaxiFareFinder team determined that many of their visitors were accessing their site via mobile devices, leading to the creation of a mobile site that allows users to easily access key information with simple one-touch navigation.

TaxiFareFinder’s new mobile site is organized vertically with buttons in the top menu that will bring a user directly to their desired place on the site. Also the TO and FROM location boxes that help a user find an estimated fare are prominently shown to ensure easy access and quick results.

Once a user enters TO and FROM locations, details regarding estimated fare prices are produced in an easy to view graph. A detailed map of the route is also provided for the user’s convenience.

TaxiFareFinder hopes this engaging new platform will greatly benefit their users in quickly finding travel information and estimated fares via their mobile devices.


About the Company was launched in 2007 to help improve the communication between providers of ground transportation and their customers. The calculator tool is based on a proprietary algorithm that takes into account a multitude of considerations. TaxiFareFinder utilizes up-to-date taxi and rideshare rates from over 1000 localities, covering thousands of cities. This information is carefully and constantly monitored for its accuracy by their staff and supporters from an active community. TaxiFareFinder also offers tools, such as an API and WordPress plugin, which enables taxi companies and travel authorities to provide their own fare estimates on their websites or mobile applications. For additional questions or inquiries, please contact the TaxiFareFinder team via //

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