Is “Taxi” the most common word in the world?

Here at TaxiFareFinder, we receive many comments regarding how the word, “taxi”, is the most common word amongst the most languages.  We had no reason to doubt this claim; however we took it upon ourselves to do a bit of research.  Here’s what we found out.

We used Google Translate to translate “taxi”, and out of 64 languages, it looks like twenty-two use “taxi” and eight “taksi.”  Wait a minute…should we consider “taxi” and “taksi” the same? Are we comparing the spelling or the sound?

Of course, the problem with this research is that in many languages (or in the country they are spoken in), they may all phonetically be “taxi”.  It is also possible that colloquially, these countries use “taxi” or “TAXI”, but the translator may not indicate this.

So, our conclusion, we are proud to say, is INCONCLUSIVE!

Afrikaans: taxi
Albanian: taksi
Arabic: سيارة أجرة
Armenian: տաքսի
Azerbaijani: taksi
Basque: taxi
Belarusian: таксі
Bengali: ট্যাক্সি
Bulgarian: такси
Catalan: taxi
Chinese (Simplified): 出租车
Chinese (Traditional): 出租車
Croatian: taksi
Czech: taxi
Danish: taxa
Dutch: taxi
English: taxi
Estonian: takso
Filipino: taxi
Finish: taksi
French: de taxi
Galician: taxi
Georgian: ტაქსის
German: Taxi
Greek: ταξί
Gujarati: ભાડાની મોટરમાં જવું
Haitian Creole: taksi
Hebrew: מונית
Hindi: टैक्सी
Hungarian: taxi
Icelandic: Taxi
Indonesian: taksi
Irish: tacsaí
Italian: taxi
Japanese: タクシー
Kannada: ಬಾಡಿಗೆ ಮೋಟಾರು ಕಾರು
Korean: 택시
Latin: taxi
Latvian: taksometrs
Lithuanian: taksi
Macedonian: такси
Malay: teksi
Maltese: tat-taxi
Norwegian: Drosje
Persian: تاکسی
Polish: taxi
Portuguese: táxi
Romanian: taxi
Russian: такси
Serbian: такси
Slovak: taxi
Slovernian: taxi
Spanish: taxi
Swahili: teksi
Swedish: taxi
Tamil: டாக்சி
Telugu: టాక్సీ
Thai: รถแท็กซี่
Turkish: taksi
Ukrainian: таксі
Urdu: ٹیکسی
Vietnamese: taxi
Welsh: tacsi
Yiddish: טאַקסי