New features: Support for special rates, suggested routes & sample flat rates

TaxiFareFinder now offers three additional features to help you with estimating your fares.

1) Special Rates
We now calculate your city’s special rates, such as peak-hour surcharges and night/weekend rates. This information is displayed below your fare estimates.

2) Sample flat rates
We now display sample and common flat rate structure for various cities.  This information often differs between taxi companies, so this information is for reference only.  Please inquire your driver at the beginning of the trip to confirm the rates.

3) Suggested Routes
There may be more than one way to get to your destination.  To equip you with options, we decided to show you multiple suggested routes that you can select from.  We will base our recommendation on whether the route is shortest, fastest, or cheapest, but, in the end, it’s up to you!

We always welcome your feedback. Please let us know!

TFF Staff