FREE TFF Stickers! Thank you Taxi Drivers!!

Are you a cabbie?  Are you fighting exorbitant gas prices?

Gasoline prices continue to remain high despite flat taxi rates.   TaxiFareFinder feels your pain…and we are here to help!  We are giving away FREE stickers for our taxi driving fans.

These special stickers are 2” x  5” and are meant to be placed inside the cabin facing your customers.  You can request a few for yourself, or if you are a company with a fleet of multiple, let us know.

Those of you who are new, TFF has always treasured the support from taxi drivers.  As a way of showing our appreciation, we have decided (back in 2008) to include 15% tip in our estimates.   This was a way to educate our users that tip is customary in certain cities/countries.

Anyways, we are looking forward to your feedback and sticker requests!

Click here to request your stickers!

TFF Staff