Release of College Specific Calculators


Boston, Massachusetts – April 21, 2012 – TaxiFareFinder is announcing the release of “College Taxi Calculators.”  This exciting new addition to the TaxiFareFinder website offers local taxi information and specialized fare estimates for college students, faculty, and members.  The initial launch consists of ten schools in the greater Boston area, including: Boston College, Bentley University, Boston University, Emerson College, Harvard University, MIT, Northeastern University, Suffolk University, Tufts University, and UMass Boston.

Each school calculator is carefully calibrated based on local taxi rates and actual taxi trips. For a customized experience, each page offers local taxi phone numbers as well as local flavors, such as school-specific point-of-interest (POI) listing of popular restaurants, bars, shopping areas, or transportation hubs.

TaxiFareFinder’s sophisticated algorithm calculates the taxi fare between two selected/specified locations and renders suggested routes, potential additional fees, and taxi company contact information.  This feature simplifies the process of traveling to and from popular destinations among college students, providing the information quickly and conveniently.

Key Benefits:

  • Simple, easily accessible way to calculate taxi fares
  • Encourages the use of taxis among college students
  • Increases awareness of how to take a taxi and what charges to expect

Additional Resources: 

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About TaxiFareFinder:

TaxiFareFinder provides a cab fare estimation tool that allows users to easily figure out how much a taxi ride will cost in various cities around the world.  Utilizing a unique, proprietary algorithm that takes into account a multitude of considerations, the calculator is able to carefully calibrate accurate fare estimations based on local taxi rates and actual prices.  Available both on the website and through a mobile phone application, the services provided have proven to be useful to travelers around the globe.  Not only does the feature deliver fare estimations, but it will provide the user with potential routes, contact information for taxi companies, and additional useful tips and warnings.  The TaxiFareFinder calculator currently supports over 170 cities and is steadily expanding to more cities both domestic and international.