Taxis From Around the World

Although taxis are common in almost every city around the world, they differ greatly in make, model, color and size.  There are four different types of taxis found around the world: hackney carriages  taxibuses, town cars and limousines.  Hackney carriages are the most commonly recognized type of taxi; it is simply a vehicle available for public hire.  Taxibuses are similar, but generally have a designated route with preset stops.  Town cars are taxis that are privately hired and generally pre-booked, similar to limousines which are privately hired specialized vehicles. Tourists and natives alike depend on these vehicles for easy transportation around cities and towns all over the world.

Below are pictures of taxis from various cities, countries and continents around the world taken from the TaxiFareFinder Pinterest page.

Taxis throughout Asia differ greatly not only from country to country, but city to city as well.  The red and white taxis pictured are mostly seen in Hong Kong, with taxis of various other colors seen in other cities within China.

The city of Bangkok in Thailand is known for its bright multi-colored taxis; the streets are filled with colors during rush hour.  A few countries over, in India, the cabs are a regal black and yellow in the city of Mumbai, but in more rural areas the cabs are small with three wheels and no doors.

The hackney carriages in London, England have become iconic with their elegant black exterior and knowledgeable, friendly drivers.  The taxis throughout other countries are quite standard, differing slightly in color and make, but overall similar in appearance.

Latin America may have the widest array of taxis.  From country to country cab appearances differ substantially, although yellow does seem to be a common factor.  As pictured, the cabs in Chile are van-like whereas in Cuba the taxis are almost cartoon-like with their small, rounded exterior.  In Senegal in Africa, the yellow color is maintained, making it easily recognized.

Finally, yellow four door sedans are the  most common taxi type found in the United States and Canada in North America, as well as in Australia.  This familiar yellow vehicle is the image most associate with a taxi, but as you can see, cabs are almost as diverse as the people around the world who ride in them.