Taxi Fare Calculator – Chicago 1946

Have you ever wondered how much a taxi would have cost in the past? Fifty years ago? Sixty years ago?  Here’s a fun taxi fare calculator based on rates from 1946 in Chicago.

Using our calculator, we figured out that a one mile, 6 minute taxi ride from Union Station to the Chicago Theatre would have cost 24 cents in 1946, but costs $8.13 today for the same ride!  We looked at a longer ride, from the University of Chicago to Millennium Park, which is an 8.4 mile ride estimated to be 18 minutes long.  This trip would have cost 60 cents in 1946 and costs $25.80 today.  What a difference 67 years can make!

Take a look at some of these longer trips.  Can you believe them?  Feel free to try it yourself.  Here’s the current day Chicago calculator.


Imagine a cab ride less than $40 from Chicago to NYC?! Certainly not in 2013!
Chicago, IL to Times Square, NY: 792 miles
1946: $39.81
2013: $1,611.41

Can you imagine a taxi ride from Illinois to California for only $106? Back in 1946 it was a reality!
Chicago, IL to San Francisco, CA: 2,131 miles
1946: $106.76
2013: $4,325.94

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