New Major Release for TaxiFinder iPhone App, the leading website for worldwide taxi rates and information, is excited to announce a new major release of its iPhone app, TaxiFinder, a trusted taxi fare calculator for smartphones.

TaxiFinder, leveraging the capabilities of, Google Maps, and Yelp, delivers accurate taxi fare estimates and up-to-date taxi company listings. TaxiFinder supports cities worldwide and accepts addresses, coordinates and points-of-interests, in order to identify the trip and calculate the fare. In its results, TaxiFinder provides detailed breakdown of the fare, potential routes on a GPS- enabled map, and contact information for taxi companies in the area.

The recent release (version 2.1) enables users to enter both the starting and ending locations, greatly increasing the fare estimate possibilities and improving the ability to consider theoretical or proposed trips.  Additionally, users can now view more fare details, such as possible flat rates, surcharges, airport fees and other supplementary charges, in order to ensure maximum fare accuracy.

“Our team is excited to extend our popular taxi calculators to mobile users through this iPhone app,” said Ippei Takahashi, Co-Founder of Unleashed, LLC, the creator of and TaxiFinder. “Users familiar with our app will be delighted with these new features. Those new to our app will be just as thrilled, as the interface is easy-to-use and all aspects of the app are highly beneficial to travelers, taxi drivers and everyone in between.”


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