35 Thoughts when Getting into a Taxi

1. OK, taxi time. Where’s my friends? Head count, one two three four…well, we might need two cars with this crew.

2. Why does everyone else have their hands in the air?! Can you people see I want to get home before sunrise?

3. I don’t see a single cab. Awesome. Might have to go into recon mode.


5. Yes I KNOW I’m not supposed to ‘swim upstream’. Oh save your dirty looks, we’ve all done it.

6. Is chivalry dead?! That was supposed to be MY cab!

7. Over it. Moving on.

8. YES. Score. Pile in guys!

9. Where are we going? Who has the address?

10. I’m glad this one doesn’t smell funny. The last one smelled funny.

11. Oh he totally could of gone up Washington Street instead of cutting through Main. I’ll let that one slide.

12. Don’t mind at all, play any station you want!

13. Nice pick! Jam time!

14. Shoot, I’m starving.

15. Wonder if I can bribe him to take us…

16. I’ll just ask very sweetly.

17. Please and thank you.

18. Nice! Fast food time!

19. This taxi is the best.

20. Turn right here!

21. Three cheeseburgers please. You want something? Oh, no eating on the job. OK, we owe you one taxi guy!

22. Almost home.

23. Time to dig for the fare. Hmm, lipstick, ticket stub, keys, weird pamphlet. I really should organize this thing.

24. Wallet, found it! One, five, another one…hope I have enough.

25. You guys have cash on you?

26. No worries, I’ll use my card.

27. We’re here! Thank God, time to nosh and crash.

28. What do we owe you?

29. That’s it? Not bad!

30. Here you go, thanks so much.

31. You have a great night too!

32. Oh nooo I left my purse in the cab! WAIT!

33. Ugh, THANK YOU. So glad you saw me waving!

34. I owe you!

35. Best. Taxi. Ever.