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Monthly Archives: December 2014


TaxiFareFinder Releases Entity Based Autocomplete

TaxiFareFinder is excited to announce the release of our newest feature, Entity Based Autocomplete. With user suggestions and feedback in mind, our new entity based auto complete allows visitors to…


Back Seat Confessional by Dmitry Samarov

Something about sitting in a taxi inspires people to unburden themselves. The stories often begin before their butts even hit the back seat. Like the confessional curtain, a cab door…


The Coolest Taxi Ads You’ve Ever Seen

Since you’re on this site, you probably use taxis on a regular basis.  And if you use them in big metro cities, then you probably have seen some cool advertisements…


The Night Before Christmas by Bob Gersztyn

One of my favorite nights to drive a cab was Christmas Eve, because for the most part it was a happy night with generous passengers. Unfortunately some people needed to…


Animal Taxi Monday 12.15.14

“Hey Mom, do you think you could give me a boost?” Happy Animal Taxi Monday! Click here to view all of our Animal Taxi Monday pictures.

hybrid taxi

Benefits of Investing in Hybrid Taxis by Sam Green

Hybrid taxis are starting to become more common in the UK, and with an increasing consciousness of environmental sustainability that’s hardly a surprise – but some people are still unsure…


The Unusual Reasons For Taking A Taxi Hall Of Fame by Gene Salomon

  You know what we need now? Another Hall of Fame. I had a fare recently which brought me to this realization. It’s only right that excellence should receive acknowledgement,…

Which Rideshare App is Your Favorite?

  Everyone seems to have an opinion on which Rideshare App is the best. Some folks swear by Uber, others love Lyft’s pink mustaches, and traditionalists won’t say a bad…

Rideshare Infographic

Your Rideshare App Guide

  Getting a ride from point A to point B used to be a simple process. You either called a taxi to pick you up or if you lived in…

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