Are you insured when you ride in an Uber or Lyft?

Am I insured when I take an Uber? This question seems to be popping up around the web recently and it’s important for riders to understand what they may and may not be insured for when they step foot in an Uber car. Unfortunately, there is no clear cut answer regarding riders insurance coverage during Uber or Lyft trips but this article tries to make some sense of it for you!

According to the article, both Uber and Lyft have $1 million in liability coverage if a passenger is injured in a rideshare vehicle by another motorist. What these companies do not say however, is whether or not you will have to go through the insurance rigamarole first before Uber or Lyft will step in with their insurance coverage. Both Lyft and Uber state on their website that riders assume risk by using their services and that theoretically, damages from a car accident could also be covered by a third-party’s insurance or by your own personal auto insurance company rather than through Uber or Lyft’s. This type of a statement certainly makes understanding the rideshare insurance game a bit more tricky. Will you be forced to file a claim with your own insurance first? Will Uber or Lyft try to win money through other venues before using their own insurance? While there is no definite answer to these very good questions, does try to outline what you should do and what to be prepared for if you were ever in an accident while taking an Uber. To learn more about Uber and Lyft’s insurance policies and what you need to research before stepping foot in one of their cars please read the full article here.