Catch a Ride – Cost from Airports to City Centers

One of the first impressions of a new city is the taxi ride taken from the airport to the destination, generally to a hotel or event in a city. This initial taxi ride can set the tone for a trip – the ride can be a quick breeze or a long, expensive nightmare. The TaxiFareFinder team has compiled information from taxis around the world to help travelers be prepared with the knowledge of what to expect when traveling to twenty of the largest airports. “Catch a Ride” infographic illustrates the distances, in miles, from an airport to the estimated center of the closest major city. The cost of a taxi ride from these two points was calculated and converted into US dollars.

Overall, the findings show the distance and price directly correlating; longer distances have higher taxi ride prices. However, there were a few airports that show surprising data. The distance from the airport to city center in Kuala Lumpur was the longest of the twenty airports, but had one of the lower fares. Conversely, the taxi cost in London was the highest, yet the distance is fairly average. This reinforces different taxi reputations: London is known to be very expensive, while Kuala Lumpur is known to have a surplus of taxis, thus lowering the cost.

Travelers should use this data when planning how to travel to their destination. If the cost is very high to travel directly into the city, an alternative transportation method, such as the train or bus may be the best option. If the distance is very long and the cost is reasonable, paying the price may be worth it as the trip could be very time consuming using other means of public transportation. Wherever you go and however you get there, TaxiFareFinder is here to educate and prepare you. Happy traveling!