What The Uber?! Jay Leno (and his chin!) Drive for Uber!

How cool would it be to have an Uber car pull up to your house, and when you step inside you find yourself face to face with a Celebrity Uber Driver. If you live in Los Angeles, this could happen to you!

Jay Leno and Uber have teamed up to allow Leno drive for their Uber Black service around Los Angeles on October 7th in order to promote his new series Jay Leno’s Garage. Apparently for the lucky few who happen to request Jay Leno’s Uber, they won’t be able to recognize him at first as he will be dressed from head to toe in a disguise. He does promise though to reveal his true identity before the end of your ride.

Whether you are a Leno fan or not, “The King of Storytelling” is bound to come up with some great small talk, so if you are one of the lucky few riders you will be sure to have an interesting conversation. And the best part is while you cruise through LA with Leno as your driver, your ride will be 100% free!

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