Way2Ride E-hailing Taxi App!

The taxi payment app Way2ride was introduced last year, and it allowed people to pay for their yellow cab taxi rides in NYC through its payment feature.

But this September, Way2ride introduced a feature that could become a huge success for the taxi industry as a whole.

The app was created by Verifone Systems was started as solely a payment app where users could pay for their taxis. Now, Way2ride includes the infamous hailing feature allowing users to submit requests for taxi drivers, similar to the controversial ride-hailing app, Uber.

Currently this app only exists in New York City and Philadelphia but has already grown to include almost 20,000 yellow and green taxi drivers.

The introduction of new apps like this one present an interesting question about whether they will succeed in the long-run or not. With so much competition coming in from Uber and other ride-hailing apps, who’s to say if this one will catch on in the market.

Way2ride believes that the creation of this app may help taxis with their ongoing battle with services like Uber and Lyft because nowadays consumers want everything to be digital. If people have access to an app and can order a taxi through their phone it will be a step forward for the taxi industry as a whole.

When the app was created in 2014,  it received many awards. It was selected by The 2014 American Business Awards (ABA) as a Stevie® Award finalist in the New Product or Service of the Year – Transportation category, 2014 CNP (CardNotPresent) Customer Choice Award in the Best Alternative Payment Solution category, and the 2014 Appy Award for Best Mobile Payments.

We’re keeping our eye out for up-and-coming apps like Way2ride that may soon change the way we think about ordering and paying for a taxi!

Felicia is an intern at Unleashed, LLC. She is from upstate NY, and is currently pursuing a Marketing degree at Bentley University. One day she hopes to travel the world and visit every continent.