10 “Rules” for Hailing a Taxi!

1. Make it clear you’re looking for a ride, and not just saying hi! 


2. Have a clear final destination in mind, drivers don’t want you to “wing it”


3. Make sure it’s actually a taxi, and not just a random yellow vehicle! 


4. Be aggressive to make sure the taxi driver can see you!


5. Check to see if your whole squad will fit in the car or else you’ll be separated!


6.  Don’t bring any smelly food in your cab or else your driver might try to steal it! 


7.  Hail the taxi yourself, and leave your kitten at home! 


8. Make sure the license plate meets your standards!


9. Check the trunk of the taxi for miscellaneous body parts! 

10. And most importantly, don’t forget your wallet! 


Felicia is an intern at Unleashed, LLC. She is from upstate NY, and is currently pursuing a Marketing degree at Bentley University. One day she hopes to travel the world and visit every continent.