What The Uber?! Uber Gets Hacked!

Happy What The Uber Friday! We are used to hearing about Ubers impending court cases and underhanded fights with taxi companies, but recently there have been rumblings that Uber may be facing even bigger problems than their constant battles with the legal system. Lately, a few sources have started reporting that the multi billion dollar tech giant is being hacked for its Uber account information.

According to The Washington Times, cybercriminals are now selling compromised accounts on the dark web and various Uber users are getting charged for rides they never ordered. Unfortunately, the number of compromised accounts is only growing and the number of fraud cases that have been reported now amounts to roughly 3 percent of all Uber rider’s accounts, according to The Register. Motherboard has also recently reported that the price being paid for these hacked accounts on underground marketplaces has dropped from $1 an account to only 40 cents as of August 2015.

Uber did release a statement saying, “Our security teams are laser focused on protecting the integrity of our community’s Uber accounts, we use technical measures to detect any issues and are always enhancing the measures we deploy to protect our users’ accounts. We also encourage all of our users to choose strong and unique usernames and passwords and to avoid reusing the same credentials across multiple sites and services.”

Has your Uber account ever been compromised? Tell us your stories below!


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