Thanks for the Ride Sidecar!

The competition to become the best rideshare company in the world has been incredibly tough over the last year and today one of the major rideshare players, Sidecar, became one of the first companies to bow out of the game. At 10:47 AM this morning, Sunil Paul publicized on Medium that Sidecar would cease its delivery and passenger operations at 2PM Pacific Time on December 31st.

Sunil mentioned on Medium that he is extremely proud of his team and all they accomplished with Sidecar. Sidecar was the innovation leader in ridesharing despite a significant capital disadvantage, and they continually rolled out new products that set the bar for others to follow, even including Uber.

In a most gracious way of bowing down, Sunil stated  “Our vision is to reinvent transportation and we’ve achieved that with ridesharing and deliveries. It is, however, a bittersweet victory. Shutting down the Sidecar service is a disappointment for our team and our fans. The impact of our work, however, will be felt for generations to come. We changed transportation law, and created a new mode of transportation that has transformed cities and made life easier and better for millions of people.This is the end of the road for the Sidecar ride and delivery service, but it’s by no means the end of the journey for the company.”

We wonder what this means for the ridesharing industry as a whole and where Sidecar is planning on reinvesting their time and energy! Let us know your thoughts below.