What is Juno, the new rideshare company?

Have you heard the rumors about the new rideshare company that could outshine Uber? Introducing Juno, a 100 employee startup created by founder Talmon Marco and recently launched in NYC.

Juno is still in beta mode but they are making some hefty promises to take on the rideshare giant, Uber, by creating a more driver-friendly service. Marco claims that Juno will only take 10% commission from drivers (Uber takes 20%) and that drivers will also have the chance to actually have a stake in the company. On top of the higher wages, drivers who agree to work exclusively for Juno (in other words jump ship completely from Uber and Lyft) will be eligible to be full-time employees, something Uber and Lyft drivers have been campaigning for since the beginning of ridesharing.

While driving for Juno might seem like a perfect opportunity, not just anyone can sign up to be a driver, instead, drivers have to earn their coveted spot. At this moment, Marco has stated that Juno will only consider hiring Uber and Lyft drivers that have a rating of 4.7 stars or higher. Also, the driver must be in compliance with the Taxi and Limousine Commission of New York and will need to be able to speak English.

Although Juno is still in beta testing, they are currently paying thousands of NYC Uber and Lyft drivers $25 per week, simply to keep the Juno app on while driving around their normal Uber and Lyft routes. This data will prove invaluable to Juno once they start operating at full speed.

While Juno is still learning to walk, they have announced that they are ready to start giving rides to passengers in NYC! If you want to join their beta program you will receive 35% all your rides in NYC.

Our team here at TaxiFareFinder is eager to see Juno’s stamp on the rideshare market As their founder, Marco, states “I think what’s most important is not whether you’re the first,” he says, “but whether you’re the last.”