Why does Uber want to track your location?

uber locationWe love it when Uber tracks our rides, but our every move? Not so much! With Uber’s recent update, the app now has permissions to track your whereabouts even when you are not using the Uber app. This has upset many users who feel it is not Uber’s business to know where they are traveling to and from at all times.

RideGuru wrote an interesting article on the subject, bringing light to why Uber would want your location information. According to RideGuru, one reason that this update helps to improve the app is by better identifying ETA estimates and the best pick up locations in certain areas. RideGuru also states that another reason Uber wants to track your movements is “that they hope to eliminate how often riders have to cross the street after being dropped off to get to their destination. Uber believes this is a safety hazard and that new location data from their users could help to solve this issue.”

Is Uber crossing the line though? Head over to RideGuru to read the full article and give your opinion on if Uber should be allowed to track their users locations.