What is Cargo? The new service that puts extra cash in the hands of drivers.

As Taxi or Rideshare Driver, we know you’re invested in finding the best ways to increase your earnings while on the road. One of our favorite ways to easily boost driver income is through Cargo, a platform that helps you earn more money by providing small products to your passengers.

Think of it as a free store inside your car that allows you to earn around an extra $100 per month!

  • Cargo is 100% free for drivers.
  • Cargo helps you increase ratings and tips.
  • Cargo works with all rideshare companies.
  • Cargo drivers earn an extra $100 on average.
  • Top 10% of Cargo drivers earn $300+

Cargo’s system is easy for drivers, sending new products automatically when you run low. Products range from snacks, small electronic accessories, personal care, energy, and beauty products that keep your riders comfortable throughout their trip.

How does Cargo work?

Riders scan the QR code, or go to cargo.menu on their browser, to start shopping. Once they decide what they would like, the rider checkouts through the app, and then the driver hands over the purchased items when it is safe to do so. Simple as that!

Driver Testimonials

Here are some testimonials from drivers on the RideGuru community forum:

“When passengers see the box, they get super excited. It’s been a great way to engage with riders and start a conversation. Passengers are really surprised and excited when they realize they can get free items.”

“I’m making an extra $20-$50 extra a week that I didn’t have before Cargo. I’ve used this money to treat myself to things I wouldn’t normally buy.”

Drivers receive payouts from Cargo every week and if you receive any tips through Cargo, they are 100% yours. It’s a great way to make some extra cash with very little extra work and no extra time out of your day!

Try Cargo today!