Taxi Cabs at Frankfurt Airport 2023

Frankfurt is an international financial hub and the fifth largest city in Germany. It is also a huge tourist attraction with the Goethe Museum, the Christmas Market, Altstadt, and so much more. Germany is a beautiful place to visit for the culture, history, scenery, food, and more. People are always flying in and out of Frankfurt airport on business or pleasure, so the Frankfurt airport sees quite a bit of comings and goings every day. With all the people at the airport, there has to be some options for transportation because not everyone has a friend who can pick them up or drop them off. Luckily, there are several options to get to and to take from Frankfurt airport.


From the airport to downtown Frankfurt, it is 12 km or about 7.5 miles, which will take you about 20 minutes by taxi. If you’re already at the airport, you can find the taxis outside on the first level of Terminal 1 or on the ground level of Terminal 2. The taxis are available 24 hours a day, so you’ll never be without transportation. Taxi service is heavily regulated in Germany. Taxi meters are mandatory with tariffs set by the local authorities, which means all the taxis will have the same pricing scale. For a trip from the airport to the city center or vice versa it will be about €30.

There are four taxi services operating in Frankfurt: Frankfurt Airport Taxi, Rhein Main Taxi Service, Taxi 33 Echo Funk, and Frankfurt’s Taxi Ruf. If you don’t want to wait for a taxi, you can always download and use the MyTaxi app. It is an app which you can use to hail or book a taxi; this is perfect for the chilly winters when you don’t want to stand outside.


Taxis are a great option at the airport, but they’re not the only option. BlaBlaCar and Uber are apps you can use to get around Frankfurt and the surrounding areas. Uber works the same in Frankfurt as anywhere else. However, Uber is not legal in most of Germany, but it does operate in Frankfurt – and three other cities Munich, Berlin, and Dusseldorf. BlablaCar is a carpooling app allowing people to ride together to cut the cost of the trip. These are great taxi alternatives if you’re looking to go straight to your destination.

Public Transportation

Germany also has a great network of public transportation. There is a regional train station in the basement of Terminal 1 called the S-Bahn, which will take you to the central train station or Haupthahnhof. The train will only take 15 minutes to reach the city center, which is almost always faster than by car. Not only is it faster, it is considerably cheaper at €4,95 or €9,65 for a day pass, which covers all public transportation to anywhere locally.

Getting to and from the airport in Frankfurt is not difficult. Taxis are by far the most direct option, and you can always find your exact fare by using TaxiFareFinder or RideGuru.