Unique Ways to Get Around While Sightseeing in Asia

It seems like everyone is going to Asia. Not everyone, but Instagram makes it feel that way. Asia has a draw to it pulling people from all over the world. It is a continent full of diverse and sumptuous beauty. There is something for everyone. It is home to temples, street food, beaches, ruins, shopping, metropolises, wild life, mountains, and so much more. Travelers are truly discovering the most unique things all over Asia.

Adventure seekers and wanderlusters keep going back to Asia because of its unique qualities. There is always something new to see and experience. But, how are these travelers getting to the incredible destinations? A lot of ways. People are not just limited to Uber in Asia. There are so many creative and unique ways of navigating the region.

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It seems like the Vespa is always linked to Italy, but it has a huge presence elsewhere too. Countries big and small all over Asia are home to vespas. They are the perfect way to get around and navigate crowds. You can join the multitudes of locals by renting a Vespa and scootering on your way. They are lightweight, affordable, and easy to handle. Plus the Instagram picture will be adorable. Just don’t forget your helmet.

Boating is a different way of experiencing another side of nature: the ocean. So many nations in Asia are islands. It can be tricky island hopping without taking a boat. It is also another touristing vantage point. It is not every day people can look at a country or city from the outside.

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Take a tuk tuk. They are better known in the west as rickshaws. Think of them as the taxi of Asia. They are actually named after the sound they make because of their small two cylinder engine. It’s almost impossible to go to Asia without riding in a tuk tuk because they are so much a part of the ethos.

Cambodia is a beautiful country. If you ever find yourself traveling there, think about taking the bamboo train. This is truly a unique experience. The bamboo train is not the kind of train you imagine. It is a bamboo platform on a train axle. Completely open air, you cannot find a better way to experience the natural beauty and fresh air of Cambodia. 

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Sidecar. It is impossible to travel by sidecar alone. You will also need to travel by motorcycle because the two come as a pair. Sidecars are great. You can put a person in it, or you can put your luggage in it. Either way, it is a fun way of experiencing the Asian countryside from a motorcycle with a sidecar.

Asia is home to so much. It has captured the world’s attention and keep adventurers returning. Enjoy the excitement of your trip while getting around in a unique way.