When to Walk and When to Call a Taxi or Uber

Should I walk or Take a taxi?

Cabs and rideshare services are a great way to get around when you’re traveling, living in a big city, or just need to get somewhere. Walking is also a great and healthy way to get around cities. There are times when walking might even be a better and faster way of getting where you want to go than taking a cab or rideshare service.

Taking a taxi or an Uber a few blocks does not always make sense. If the weather is nice, walking is a better option than riding. A few blocks is a quick walk. Driving might even take longer than walking due to traffic and lights and finding a safe place to stop. Often times, cars have to take longer and more drawn out routes to get places. Foot traffic can take more direct paths and can even take short cuts. Cities are full of one way streets making driving longer and more complicated than being a pedestrian. 

Cab services and rideshares do not like traveling to you. Scheduling a taxi or a rideshare is convenient, but it can cost you money. Depending on how far they have to travel to you, some cabs or rideshares will charge you a higher fee to pick you up. Many services also have minimum fares for trips. For short distances you will still pay a set fee in order to make it worth the trip for the drivers and the company. Before booking your next taxi or rideshare, it’s important to look and see if walking is an option because deciding to walk a few blocks saves you money.

Walking is a great way to interact with the city and the people in it. Using the sidewalks can introduce you to a side of the city you can’t see from a car. There are times when walking is not such a great option, though.

There are times when walking may not be a great option, and you should call a taxi or rideshare service for a ride. Being intoxicated is a huge reason to call for a ride. It is never a good idea to walk or drive when you are under the influence, so always air on the side of safety and call a cab or rideshare service. Low mobility is another reason to call for a ride. You should never put your own physical health in jeopardy by walking. Some areas of town can be less safe than others. Walking alone at night can be a safety hazard. If you feel like your safety is at risk, it is always best to air on the side of safety and call a cab or rideshare service.

Walking is a great option for getting around, and it saves money. Walking is not always an option, which is why cab and rideshare services were created. When in doubt, riding is a great way to get around.